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Dramatic weekend

What happened last weekend was very difficult for me to realize and absorb, the innocent people who were killed in that brutal way was very painful for me.
I kept on flipping channels seeking more details about the horrible accident.
The traces left as a result of the explosion are still in my mind, I won’t be able forget the scenes ever !
The accident left me and I believe a lot of people a great feeling of fear and pain.
I prayed for the victims and I prayed that ” may god fill the world with peace”.

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Dear …
I still remember the day when we had this talk, it was very strong and powerful, very honest and so heart felt, you were talking about one of your family member who had a serious illness and thank god she is better now.
This day when I returned home I was feeling like I am still having the conversation, I went to sleep and I woke up at 3 or 4 AM recalling and thinking about every single word. I felt we were connecting in a way that I can not describe but the conversation to me happened in a way that the two of us were not talking to each other but rather there was someone talking to himself.
I can also recall some remarkable incidents happened between me and my mom, resulting from thinking of particular things and saying it at the exact same time … Telepathy – may be.
And you Norm if you are reading this, I am always in a state of astonishment when I read your works, you make me feel that you write about the things that eventually I was going to write about, even the words that you use, except that you describe them way better …AMAZING.
I believe that we are all supposedly connecting in a way but we are not aware of the power that is inside each one of us and we don’t know how to connect but with a little concentration and faith we will be able to see through each other and feel each other.

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“I know that when you look at me ..there is so much that you just don’t see” this is from a song that I relate to big time.
I believe there are three categories of people, one is those people who look so attractive and leave a very good first impression but after getting to know them you discover that there is nothing more that they can show or add …what you see is what you get, absolutely no surprises!
On the contrary , there is another category that seems so ordinary and sometimes they don’t leave a good impression or even unnoticeable but if you give them the chance you see their beauty.
The third category have the luckiest people , the so called “charismatic” they look glamorous, they are heard and recognized, whatever they say is important whatever they laugh about is funny,… wherever they go they find a company.
I belong to the second category myself, it’s not easy to be there but I began to see it differently but the permanent need to be given the chance is not easy especially that it’s never let out.
It’s so unfair to be viewed as unsociable person when you care and love people that much, I am sociable but can’t take the initiative…, I get along with people when they take the first step and approach and I do feel very grateful when they come to me , hold my hand while telling me it’s ok and patiently wait for me to take my baby steps towards them but in return these people (my friends and family) to me are my treasure and I can do anything for them…ANYTHING so what I want you to know is that I owe you a big “THANK YOU”.

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Dear …

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time” Andre Gide

I have always tried to be brave and forced myself to discover and explore new lands.

I knew there is a risk but I didn’t want anything to hinder this exploration process or journey. but what I discovered after my ship has already sailed is that I may have the will but I don’t have the strength, I have been away from the shore for quite some time and I am tired of being lost. From day one in this journey I didn’t know where I am heading I wasn’t leading, I completely surrendered to the winds.

I love the sea but it’s the land where I belong even the will that I thought I have was generated from outside factors, I must say it wasn’t a will … I was pushed.

I am sure that things happen for a reason and I know it’s going to be for the best..I hope.

I always find it hard to ask for help, I expect help when I think it’s pretty noticeable that I have a problem and wait to be saved without asking , do we wait for someone drowning to ask for help or we just do it because it’s obvious … that’s what I expect.

There’s only god who I can ask very proudly and I know that I will be saved.


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