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Why do we love, you should ask yourself this question before rushing in and consider yourself in love, some people say we just have feelings, so another question arises do these feelings exist because you are a passionate person and you are looking for someone to just pour your feelings into the relationship and eliminate their burden from your chest,

Or the feelings that you have were generated from someone’s existence in your life, then you ask again are they mutual, if they are , that means the seed is there, so you just have to wait for it to grow and you will see the fruits by your own eyes, but if it’s one sided, you will find that your were trying to water the sand not a seed , and will never have anything out of it.

So be careful before you start investing your feelings make sure that the seed is there, because otherwise it’s just a waste.

Islamic religion has some provisions concerning having feelings for someone, the great thing about it is that it didn’t deny the person’s right from having feelings for someone, but how to express it , that ‘s where the restrictions are. And the right ways is well known to everybody.

Love is a great feeling but it requires attention and understanding, because it’s a double edged weapon, it can hurt and it can heal… so use it very wisely.



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