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Have been down for sometime but thank god things are getting really better, I am relieved. I knew it’s just a bad time that will pass and I just had to be patient till I reach the end of the tunnel then I will be able to see the bright sky again.
So here is an update:
– My mother is fine now, the flu and the cough all gone, thank god.
– My boss will not move, so things will be as stable as they are.
– Heba is getting better, I saw her yesterday, she is still on therapy but she
looks perfectly normal.
– With the help of my dad I bought a new laptop.
– I can manage with my car till next month then will fix it from the bonus.
– Noha is no longer mad at me and we are friends again.
– I have started planning for the feast’s holiday.
– My boss will be off next week so that will give me some space 🙂
– Haven’t yet got any feedback about my annual appraisal but I guess it’s going to be rewarding. (I hope)
When I thought about what has been contributing to my bad mood, I found that there were all minor things, I am a strong person and I have faith so why would I be that gloomy and burry my head in some insignificant problems that will eventually resolve themselves.
God sometimes tests us, and it wasn’t a hard one, so I am thankful and grateful that we are all fine, my family , friends and me so for me things can’t get any better.



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