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The ONE !

Laugh all you want, but it happens. I don’t expect people who haven’t been in an encounter with the person they have been waiting for without even realizing that to believe in such a thing. The strange thing is that, it’s a mutual feeling … and that makes it even more phenomenal.
Fortunate people experienced it and lived happily ever after; other people are just glad they met the one and ask god for a second real chance.
But the concept of THE ONE deepens inside them and now they can never be willing to consider anyone but THE ONE.
I had a girlish talk with a colleague of mine, we were talking about a guy and how decent he is, she suddenly mentioned her fiancé. I felt like there was a kind of comparison that came to her mind as she began to say but my fiancé is very caring and good looking, ….
I told her, even if he is not. The one you choose to live the rest of your life with, in your eyes doesn’t look like anyone else. Hence there can be no comparison.
Don’t you feel that. She said yes but without seeming to feel what I was saying.
So I just thought that people are different, she doesn’t see things the way I do, which is very normal.
Or may be I am still under the spell of believing that there is just one person who for me won’t be like anyone else. The person that I will know once I see… that is not a childish way of thinking. I used to think that since I was 16 and here I am, after 12 years I still feel the same.
And even I tried but I couldn’t give anyone a fair chance. as I couldn’t risk another person’s happiness just to verify if I was right or wrong.
Love is a big responsibility, and god has set the rules and regulations to protect us and made the bond a holly one. So there is nothing wrong with just following our hearts.
Hope people would understand and stop inquiring and urging.


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