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To begin with … thank god the war on Lebanon has come to an end, what a relief.
The mess I mean in right here ( I am pointed at my head right now 🙂 ).
For more than …. (lost track of time), I didn’t sit and thought about myself …and the clutter has occupied my head again.
Basically what I have discovered during my vacation while watching sun set everyday on the beach is that I am lonely … in the sense that I have a wonderful family and friends but there aren’t really much that we share and it’s so important to me to feel that I am just a part of some bigger entity .. to feel that I belong. Believe it or not being independent is exhausting.
Another thing is WORK, S is no longer my boss … that’s cool. But still I want a change.
Concerning the interviews, the first one was at the bank, and yesterday I was telling my mum that it’s ok that they didn’t call. I was going to say NO anyways … guess what ? they called me today and they have prepared the offer and want me to meet the chairman. Another surprise: I didn’t say no … wanted to give myself sometime to think and assess the whole thing : let’s make a simplified pros and cons list.
Pros:- The package is better (salary and benefits).
– The HR director already knows me and she wrote a recommendation.
– The one that I am supposedly be working with is recommending me as well based on the interview.
– I haven’t worked before in the banking sector, so may be it’s going to be a learning experience.
– It’s new in Egypt, so it will be a pleasure seeing it growing.
Cons: – It’s so far from home.
– The office hours start at 8am.
– The environment there is so different; have to admit it’s not as fun as my company for instance.
– I think I will have to buy a new car, because mine can’t handle the distance. And I won’t handle it without an AC.
– I will miss my friends.
Going over this list … I am still confused. Is it me or the decision is really hard.
Is there a fact or a conclusion hidden in the list that I am not aware of …or don’t see.
The other interview that I went to was in another multinational. It’s so near to my home, the company is a multinational (cement company) as well … the environment is more or less the same as the ones I am used to except that it’s quieter … (that’s awesome).
It’s located in the 7th floor of a mall … yay (I am superficial?…) it’s just it’s great to know there are cafes and stores in the same building … 🙂
Seriously, I liked it there, met the CFO …( the one whom I am supposedly be his assistant). He is very calm (which is great) and organized (yes I notice these things).
But for a reason, I can say different points of view – I am not sure if I will be accepted.
Until I have another option I will have to stick to the given choices, thank god and proceed.
The coolest thing about leaving a job for another is to snap a vacation for like a week or two. Hope I can do that .. spend it in the north coast, watching sunset again and swimming at night… but this time without a war.

Will go sleep,


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