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Heart talks

Truthful eyes are displays of the heart. We are born with pure hearts that their light glows and shine through the eyes. And nothing corrupts the heart more than giving up on it. Hearts need protection and needs recharging with hope and faith. Being connected with our hearts keeps revitalizing it.
My opinion there are many fatal diseases that can attack humans’ hearts… greed, selfishness, cruelty, revenge, outraged jealousy, anger, frustration, lack of faith, ….
These heart diseases range from mild to extreme cases and one very apparent symptom seems to prevail in all cases … this person doesn’t trust his heart any more and as a consequence …he revolves and disconnects his brain to work independently from his feelings, emotions and principles.
His heart gets rusty and dies … then his eyes will no longer reflect anything, and if they do … the picture will be a shrunk colorless dead muscle. A heartless person is a sick person with a great pain, he doesn’t need to be judged but helped. Ironically his only cure is to be loved and believed in.
Back to the truly beautiful talks of the heart … don’t know if I am alone in this but the most precious and wonderful words I have ever felt, I did not hear … I have seen.
Some words have become cheesy since they are greatly misused … if you know someone who has a history with flirting and he said I love you.., will you feel it? won’t you question it?
If someone always turns into this kind and tender person when he wants something (a favor or anything) and then disappears. Would you trust a word from him.
Haven’t you ever happened to see a colleague talking on the phone , saying great things, sucking up and at the same time he is making faces that he doesn’t stand the person he talks to … or you know he is lying.
On the other hand, the number of times that I really wanted to say thanks … I couldn’t find the words to express how I feel… “thank you” wasn’t enough for me to say but I think that the way I said it and from my eyes I could say how grateful I was. Some other incidents where I couldn’t say something but it was felt…
It’s very rewarding when someone comprehends what you want to say and responds as if he heard you asking yourself the question.
When you do not understand something and you find someone figured out that you need help and volunteers to clarify it for you. When someone you love is leaving and you look at him saying nothing but your heart is saying “please stay” and he does.

I can recall very brief heart conversations and though they were mute, they were very much felt and heard.

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