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To begin with … thank god the war on Lebanon has come to an end, what a relief.
The mess I mean in right here ( I am pointed at my head right now 🙂 ).
For more than …. (lost track of time), I didn’t sit and thought about myself …and the clutter has occupied my head again.
Basically what I have discovered during my vacation while watching sun set everyday on the beach is that I am lonely … in the sense that I have a wonderful family and friends but there aren’t really much that we share and it’s so important to me to feel that I am just a part of some bigger entity .. to feel that I belong. Believe it or not being independent is exhausting.
Another thing is WORK, S is no longer my boss … that’s cool. But still I want a change.
Concerning the interviews, the first one was at the bank, and yesterday I was telling my mum that it’s ok that they didn’t call. I was going to say NO anyways … guess what ? they called me today and they have prepared the offer and want me to meet the chairman. Another surprise: I didn’t say no … wanted to give myself sometime to think and assess the whole thing : let’s make a simplified pros and cons list.
Pros:- The package is better (salary and benefits).
– The HR director already knows me and she wrote a recommendation.
– The one that I am supposedly be working with is recommending me as well based on the interview.
– I haven’t worked before in the banking sector, so may be it’s going to be a learning experience.
– It’s new in Egypt, so it will be a pleasure seeing it growing.
Cons: – It’s so far from home.
– The office hours start at 8am.
– The environment there is so different; have to admit it’s not as fun as my company for instance.
– I think I will have to buy a new car, because mine can’t handle the distance. And I won’t handle it without an AC.
– I will miss my friends.
Going over this list … I am still confused. Is it me or the decision is really hard.
Is there a fact or a conclusion hidden in the list that I am not aware of …or don’t see.
The other interview that I went to was in another multinational. It’s so near to my home, the company is a multinational (cement company) as well … the environment is more or less the same as the ones I am used to except that it’s quieter … (that’s awesome).
It’s located in the 7th floor of a mall … yay (I am superficial?…) it’s just it’s great to know there are cafes and stores in the same building … 🙂
Seriously, I liked it there, met the CFO …( the one whom I am supposedly be his assistant). He is very calm (which is great) and organized (yes I notice these things).
But for a reason, I can say different points of view – I am not sure if I will be accepted.
Until I have another option I will have to stick to the given choices, thank god and proceed.
The coolest thing about leaving a job for another is to snap a vacation for like a week or two. Hope I can do that .. spend it in the north coast, watching sunset again and swimming at night… but this time without a war.

Will go sleep,


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UN calls for peace as fighting continues

Sounds good but read this…

Israel wages broader Lebanon attack

“A ceasefire that is incomplete is not a true ceasefire”Tarek Mitri, Lebanon’s acting foreign minister.

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  • Waiting and waiting and when the chance comes … my pride doesn’t let me take the first step.
  • I will say YES but can you please ASK.
  • It’s nice to be smart but it’s sometimes intimidating.
  • A heart talks … can you hear anything?
  • People are different and I am different with different people.
  • If you decide to go to glamorous shinny people, bear the risk that when you come closer you will find they are just reflecting surfaces of true crystal hearts around them. So go look for these hearts.
  • It’s not necessary to frown if you are sad .. resistance make you laugh when you really want to cry.
  • Gold is purified by excessive heat so does a person … hardships brings the best in people.
  • Why do I care? keep asking myself this question night and day.
  • To win a person over you have to show that you care, if you are sincere you just care and you hold yourself from showing it not to freak him out.
  • Q: what if prince charming is not a prince?
    A: it doesn’t matter
    Q: what if he is not charming?
    A: it doesn’t matter
    Q: What matters?
    A: the person he is.
  • Watching the news, and the tragedies in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine from a distance, is like watching a dear person sick, he is the one with the real pain but it feels much worse to see the pain and can’t stop it.
  • I still have a problem saying NO…

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My grandma used to say “As long as there is a night, there will be a day ”.

God created us and planted hope in our hearts, we are resonsible to keep it alive and give ourselves a reason to live .

Hold on, wait for the day you want to come, get up everyday to see if it’s the one you are waiting or you have to wait one more day, make it happen and then treat yourself when you reach the end of the tunnel. Start thinking how … any ideas ? 🙂

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all”.

“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow them”.

“He who does not hope to win has already lost”.

“Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

“Courage is fear that has said its prayers”

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible”.

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I guess I myself could be a terrorist too … how so? Well, let’s begin with my father
He was a member of a big family, my grandfather was a military man and his brother was a pasha. He had four daughters and six sons including my dad.

On june 5th,1967 Israel attacked Egypt with no prior notification, one of my uncles was in the Egyptian Air force, his plane was targeted during the same year and he was killed.

My dad joined the Military Academy, he then graduated and got the chance to fight in 1973 war against the Israelis.

Does that make my father a terrorist?
He fought because it was his job, because it was a state of defense and to secure the lives we are having now.
It wasn’t to revenge for his brother as he knew he is a martyr (shahid) … it’s an honor to be one and because the martyr’s in Islam is in heaven. (Here and here to develop a better understanding of the term and stop the confusion).

I asked him recently if he had captivated any of the opponent’s army. He said yes … I asked did you hurt them? He said in an angry tone … they have tortured Egyptian captives. I then remembered a report I saw on Jazeera channel. And I knew that we didn’t do the same otherwise where is their report.

Does that make my father a terrorist?
About the captives: Islam has limited killing the captives on the condition that they could cause harm and it has forbidden killing them in case they are women or children.

My father taught us since we were young to pray, fast, love everyone, help everyone, be truthful, honest and be companionate. he said that’s how we should behave as Muslims. He has a beard and goes to the mosque to pray …
Does that make my father a terrorist?

My answer : no my father is not a terrorist, there are misconceptions that has to be explained so that we don’t walk with the feeling that we are suspects just because we are Arabs and Muslims.

You know who are the terrorists : those who kill innocent people without a cause but hatred, thirst for blood … tearing families apart and ripping our hearts off alive.
They give lame excuses to the world … and try to twist the truth. But do you think there can be any excuse for killing children and women, for attacking a hospital, a factory, a school or a shelter at night. aren’t they advanced enough so they can preciously locate their opponents.

The real terrorists are planting in vein their evil seeds in the souls of … those who watch the violent, ruthless acts committed against their families and loved ones and their hearts are being charged and saturated with hate that has once been love to the ones they lost with the overload of enduring the silence of all who know the truth and afraid to say a word and the other force that supports and approves the massacres and just don’t get enough of the innocent people’s misery … what else can make them stop, what else are they waiting for … new words are being taught to children “BOOM BOOM” when they hear the bombing and ask what that is, new scenes of dead bodies are being watched by mothers and little children scattered all around their neighborhood and on the roads. While some other words are disappearing like home, and may be mummy or daddy some of these children will hopefully have a home but being an orphan the other two words have departed for good.

Being a viewer of the daily painful tragedies …watching from a distance. I know from the bottom off my heart that … there is only one thing that we are living to see … peace.

My prayers now for peace.

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That was the Egyptian women’s demonstration that took place yesterday August 2nd ,2006

Still to come … the demonstration of August 6th,2006 , let’s all be there…

We must be heard, the war has got to stop.

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July 31 :
Israel suspends its air attacks on southern Lebanon for 48 hours…. But,
Israel’s security cabinet gives the army the green light to widen a ground offensive against Hezbollah fighters.
July 30 :
Israeli air raid on a south Lebanon village, Qana, kills more than 60 Lebanese civilians, most of them children who were sleeping.
missile strike hits the main Lebanese border crossing into Syria, forcing its closure.
July 29 :
Lebanon’s prime minister, says that if Israel wants secure borders it must withdraw from the disputed Shebaa Farms area that it has occupied since 1967.
Hezbollah’s leader, vows to hit Israel with more rockets and says that Condoleezza Rice’s visit to the region aimed to “impose conditions that serve Israel”.
July 28 :
Israeli government says it is ready to call up 30,000 reservists.
Shia Amal movement and Hezbollah would join forces against Israel’s offensive in Lebanon.
July 27 :
warplanes hit Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon killing at least seven people, reports said.
Hezbollah lunches least 40 rockets also hit several towns in northern Israel, including Kiryat Shimona.
July 26 :
bomb killed four of United Nations observers in southern Lebanon.
Israeli and Hezbollah forces continue battling for control of the town of Bint Jbeil in southern Lebanon.
July 25 :
strike killed four soldiers from the United Nations Interim Force.
Israeli troops enter the border town of Bint Jbeil, a Hezbollah military stronghold, for the first time.
Israel is accused by Human Rights Watch of using artillery-fired cluster grenades against a Lebanese village.
July 24 :
Israeli troops battle their way to a key Hezbollah stronghold in south Lebanon and capture two fighters.
July 23 :
Israeli air strikes kill at least 12 civilians, including a Lebanese press photographer near the southern city of Tyre.
Hezbollah missiles land on Haifa killing 2 civilians and wounding several others. More than 2,200 rockets have hit Israel so far.
July 22 :
Israel continues hitting communications targets in Lebanon, including a relay station used by several Lebanese television stations.
Hezbollah fires at least 50 rockets hitting several cities and villages in northern Israel.
July 21 :
air force continues to hit targets around Lebanon. More than 300 Lebanese civilians have now been killed in the raids.
More than 100,000 civilians have already left their homes in south Lebanon.
Hezbollah launch fewer rockets than on any day since the conflict began. Only 40 rockets reach Israel.
July 20 :
Israeli army units enter southern Lebanon to attack Hezbollah positions near the border. Four Israeli soldiers are killed. An Israeli airman dies when two Apache attack helicopters collide near the northern border.
Israeli air attacks on southern Lebanese towns and Baalbek kill 45 Lebanese civilians.
Hezbollah fires more than 120 rockets at Israel. Two Arab children are killed in the Israeli-Arab town of Nazareth.
July 19 :
drops 23 tonnes of bombs on a single target in southern Beirut in an attempt to kill Hassan Nasrallah. More than 70 Lebanese civilians are killed as Israel continues its bombing campaign against Lebanese.
Hezbollah fire more than 100 missiles into Israel. One Israeli is killed in the town of Nahariya.
July 18 :
Israel continues its air strikes across Lebanon killing 11 Lebanese soldiers in their army barracks east of Beirut.
Hezbollah rockets again strike Haifa, wounding several Israelis.
July 17 :
strikes on Lebanon continue, killing more than 45 civilians.
Hezbollah fires more rockets into Israel, injuring at least 10 civilians in Haifa and Safed.
July 16 :
Israel continues air attacks killed at least 23 people around Lebanon.
Hezbollah rockets hit Haifa, Israel’s second city, killing eight civilians and wounding more than 20.
July 15 :
Israeli aircraft destroy Hezbollah’s headquarters in southern Beirut in an attempt to kill Hasan Nasrallah
Israel bombs Lebanon’s ports and other sites across Lebanon. The attacks kill at least 35 people.
Israeli rockets hit their van near the southern city of Saida, killing eighteen Lebanese civilians.
Hezbollah rockets hit Tiberias, an Israeli city in Galilee.
July 14 :
bombs targets across Lebanon including bridges, roads and power stations.
Israeli aircraft also hits Hezbollah’s headquarters in Beirut.
Israel attacks broadcasting facilities belonging to Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television channel.
Hezbollah fires an Iranian-made anti-shipping rocket at an Israeli naval vessel off Beirut. The attack kills four Israeli sailors.
July 13 :
Israeli jets bomb the runway of Lebanon’s only international airport, announces an air and sea blockade of Lebanon.
Israeli aircraft attack what it says are Hezbollah targets across southern Lebanon. The raids kill 35 Lebanese civilians.
Hezbollah fires rockets that hit towns in northern Israel, including Nahariya and Safed. Two civilians are killed.
July 12 :
captured two Israeli soldiers and said that they will release them if Israel frees Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.
Lieutenant-General Dan Halutz, Israel’s chief of staff, says: “If the soldiers are not returned, we will turn Lebanon’s clock back 20 years.”


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