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My blog’s name has been changed to sailing and it’s funny I have a guilt feeling as if I have abandoned the blue ocean that once was inhabited by my messages.

Strange it just takes one attempt to get your voice to be heard and then it just becomes a habit not to ever stop talking.

life is all about change, and sometimes holding on to the past is like sitting on a shore , grabbing some sand mixed with water in your hand and then feel it slipping out of your hand, you look at your fist, believing that you still have captured some of it , ..you open your hand and find it just empty.

I used to start my post (messages) with “Dear … ” , and end them with “your sincerely” just the conventional way I love till the end of last year then I felt I ran out of these messages and didn’t feel the urge to write “yours” again … kind of lost its meaning to me.

So Sailing for me is going through life with all its aspects, sun rise, rainbows, rough water, … it doesn’t matter how the journey is, what matters is the good sailor that you have been.


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