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1- “Home” is not a house, … not a country, … not a person, it’s security and serenity.

2- Men tend to avoid women when they are angry, although this anger flies away once she feels there is someone to support or just be there.

3- People searching for love are searching for a missing part of them knowing there is someone out there who has it. Wish that someday the two of them will be a complete whole ONE.

4- People who define themselves with what they own or what they do, are truly what they own or what they do except that they no longer are “PEOPLE”.

5- Waiting, … needs strength, some people mess up during that phase , do the wrong things to make themselves busy, others are patient enough to hold on and some people lose resistance and die.

6- I prayed to god and I am sure I will be answered. I have never wanted something that badly and I wasn’t answered.

7- I want to get closer, watch and listen to everything … I am not curious, I just want to understand.

8- How difficult to keep holding the truth from someone as it will hurt and bear the guiltiness of contributing in an illusion that dear person is living.

9- We do have the tolerance for pain and sometimes enjoyment as well, it makes us human… life is a harmonized set of contradictions and so are we… so the soft sad warm violin note, fuzzy chilly winds as the sunsets, dark quiet nights, a sweet tender look from the least perosn expected, …. There are no patterns in life.

10- Being silent for a long while, makes you have a lot to say… but makes you forget how to say it.

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