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Since “difference/ deffrentiation” as a term is the base for making the distinction, I will focus on “difference/s” then.

Human finger prints are differnent, even different within the same hand. A balanced diet has to be diversified with different elements. The sky has a different color accorss the day/ across the year, . … just some simple evidences to show it’s a fact that life contains a huge set of differences that are really useful and essential. The key is that these the components of this set has to work in harmony with each other.

So it’s we who like to point out differences and make them a reason to be unfair.

Think about it … favoring a person or a group over another based on the color, gender, class, culture, religion, social status, abilities, … in fact isn’t based on that factors, it’s always based on personal prefrence and/or benefit that coneals itself by bluffing some reasons, feeding them to the mass and make them beleifs.

People are people, there is only one world and one race, but smashing this world into pieces and make people enemies happened to be the situation that we are all facing and suffering from now.

The roots for descrimination are weak but deep, and if we just dig deeper and get exposed to the others’ points of view we would have all seen the truth.

But since there has already been a history of believing the lies and the resulting pain.
Now even the ones who can see, can not forget what their grand parents and their people has endured.

The history of injustice is blinding them from seeing the light and chasing it to stop more unfair incidents from happening.

If we can forget one another and start a brand new start, leaving behind what we have been fed, what the media has been saying, the myths and stereotypes all these years and stop generalizing and judging , the world would a better place and the black days would be erased from the memories of the next generations.

Why don’t we can learn about the differences, read and listen to people from other countries, other religions, other way of thinking, read their books, discuss their ideas, know their suffereings, intoduce our thoughts and have mature win-win conversations.

It’s ok to have different point of view, it’s ok to object, but do it without hostility, without inforcing opinions or disrespecting others beliefs, without hurting anyone.

Ignorance is the refusal to learn and it’s taking us to the dark ages on the expense of a better future.

Say what you want but listen and always respect what you oppose.


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More about Hijab

It liberates you from the shackles of self-glorification and self-beautification and takes you out into a world where people are respected for who they are and what they make of themselves.”The hijab makes a woman feel safe. Safe from crime, molestation, abuse and rape. Is there a better tool for women empowerment.
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My own thought: How it feels like ???

It feels like I am precious and I am protecting that beauty and only offer it to who deserves upon my own wish.

It’s feels like … I have brains and feelings, I am not just a picture to be looked at.

It’s feels like … a queen who is guarded and no one can take a glipse of her beauty and violate her privacy.

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Thanks dear Blue for the Tag, it was real fun thinking about it 🙂

Here we go:

1- I am a day dreamer and imaginative, I used to tell my mom bed time stories when I was young.
2- I wash my hands really a lot.
3- I like cooking and like to sing in the kitchen.
4- In important events or occasions, I am always late, never have enough time to prepare myself as I want and often forget important things.
5- I never stroll down the beach bare feet like what all people do, I wear sneakers to make sure my feet are protected.

That’s what I have never mentioned, the silly stuff I hide 😀

I am tagging my sister Nerro and friends in my side bar if they would like to.

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I am not in a good mood these days and my head is stuffed with so many thoughts most of them are actually nonsense…

I thought of writing them to clear my head and my heart in order to get rid of that negativity, I am not even sure if I will publish that babble or just keep it as a draft.
How do I start? ,,, it doesn’t matter, does it?

I blame myself for all the things that I couldn’t be, in my high points I feel it’s not my fault and convert them into a push and a challenge, but at my weak moments … I just wonder and wish… wish I was braver, smarter, prettier, had a better job and position, doing more for my family, more active, less shy, less sensitive, less proud, more sociable, more powerful to make a difference, …

Sometimes I feel sad for all the things that I thought I could be when I was young and I couldn’t, feel disappointed.
Of course I do thank god for the life I am living and for all his blesses. And I know it sounds a very egoistic but deep inside I feel distinguishes and special, but when I think about it…no what makes me any of that.

I am also have this intensity in everything I do, may be that’s the problem?
I am average everything, not super in any but when I do anything I seek its perfection, when I love, when I work, when I even go shopping… so I go to extremes and it seems weird and understandable.

Talking about weakness makes me more emotional but relieving.
I need to cry, not because there is something wrong, but I know it will take that burden off me, and will make me feel so much better… but I can’t.
Even crying is too much for me to do.

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So today in the morning I started with Hechkok’s post that he had originally written not typed , then few minutes ago found Engy’s post about hand writing and psychoanalyst.
I myself prefer writing than typing (wrote about it before here).
So here is my handwriting, it’s not good now, used to be better years ago.

Hey friends why don’t we consider it a tag and pass it on to each other?

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  • “Don’t Worry”, you can’t …?
    At least don’t pile things up and worry about them, deal with your worries…just one at a time, defer them a little bit …some of them will dissolve without you noticing.
  • A gift is what you give (full stop).
    It’s not what you give to get another thing in return.
  • Here is a little game …
    She : “You will be missed” (she used the passive voice to avoid saying “I”)
    He : “Will miss you too” (He didn’t say it either, how clever).
  • I want to be loved by ALL the people.
    So what have I done to deserve this love…. a question that has got to be raised.
  • Have been asked before how come you wear red a lot, your car is red… what is it with you and the red color.
    Well, about the car it’s a total coincidence, it’s my third car and it’s red as well.
    About me wearing red.. there is an old Egyptian say that “if you want to laugh at a dark complexioned person, let him/her wear red”. So I was trying to avoid it, till one day I decided to revolt against the say and surprise … surprise, it suits me and looks good on me. Moral of the story: don’t always listen and avoid…. TRY!.
  • Some words were never actually said because there is no one to be told about.
  • What do I hate the most ?
    People wearing masks, I have this curse that from the first minute I see these masks and be forced to remain silent while seeing people falling for it.

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There are key milestones in everyone’s life, … specific incidents, events, accidents and sometimes miracles.
But haven’t you ever stopped and wondered about their perfection, that set of well designed steps occurring one after the other in a particular timing and order with people selectively involved or may be not, things that wouldn’t normally happen and would never happen again …all are leading to just one thing.

It is god’s plan that no one can interfere in, allow or prevent any of it … and yet the choices are always available and so are directions.
The directions are the boundaries that we are living within, … the boundaries that get broader and wider as we get older, see more, read more, with experience, education, …

And there are also SIGNS, that aren’t tangible, very relative and controversial too.
To be frank, I think there are signs.
Explaining them using logic … if you agree with me that certain incidents do occur based on a series of actions or steps. Then seeing one of them and anticipating the another would get you close. It’s again subject to one’s experience may be or forecasting.

Within the spiritual range there comes intuition; having a bad feeling about something or someone and without even figuring out why and then you discover you were right.
Another aspect, seeing things in one’s dreams before they actually happen. (called in Islam Ro2ya “vision”)

However, getting drifted after the signs may sometimes create illusions, just like thirst can make you go after a mirage, the anxiety and the need to find a direction creates fake signs.
The worst part is when they are used as excuses, “I can’t go to work, I have that strange feeling …. ” signs and fate do work in parallel, so there are nothing to run away from.

Signs are signs, you are going fishing, you prepare yourself, go have a look at the weather’s forecast and sea condition (these are the two indicators “signs”), if they are okay, go ahead… it’s not a guarantee that things will go well but you are jeopardizing your safety ignoring them.

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