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What a week!

It was a draining week, despite the fact that it was peaceful at work since my boss is traveling. But on the personal front it wasn’t.
I wasn’t feeling well since Monday, just ignored it and carried on.
On Tuesday something really made me sad, but this is life and everything should be expected.
Anyhow, yesterday was valentine’s, got up to find a message from Engy saying “single bells, single bells … ” hilarious, isn’t it.
Still being single on valentine’s can be fun too, have you heard about “singles parties” it was this year’s trend. Seems there were a lot of singles who decided to revolt and enjoy.
I was invited to another kind of party; it was my cousin’s katb ketab celebration (she got married yesterday). I missed the official part at the mosque, but went to the party at her place, it was so much fun although I was too exhausted, I tried my best just to look ok, and still my grand mother kept telling me that I lost so much weight, I got used to hearing that, I believe I can weigh like 50 kilos now. Don’t care…
Apart from that we laughed and danced, it was so beautiful.
Went home and decided to turn my mobile off and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
Got up today at 11:30, stayed home and surrendered finally to the flu.
I am so tired, cold with a headache and a running nose, kept resisting but then totally collapsed.

Note: this word does hurt please be wise using it “REGRET”.

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