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Even if it will last for minutes. I have to start practicing this new approach. Some selfishness might help I believe.

 I want to put myself first and show it.
 I want to talk and say “I” a lot, not the egoistic way but to create a place for myself in the front lines.
 I won’t be the one who is left behind.
 I want to make it a clear statement that I do EXIST.
 I won’t be a victim, won’t sacrifice even the slightest things, my time and my life will have to be respected.
 I am responsible enough and I know what are my duties as well as my rights.

From experience If I won’t do that, no one will.

Rights have to be earned and never granted.

So here I am having my breakfast oats meal, working, and writing.
Preparing a claim for the stationary that I have been purchasing on my expense.
Preparing the other request to have a mobile line as I am entitled to and collect my allowance that I never received.

Money has been a sensitive issue to me even when I was young, didn’t like to ask mom or dad for money. My mom used to go and leave me my allowance in my room or in my hand bag to save me the embarrassment. Still she does that when she feels I am running out of money. She is a wonderful mom, she still treats us as her baby girls.

Anyways, I believe that modesty is key. meaning that there is always a mid way between the two extremes.

Here is a secret: after writing this post, I don’t feel comfortable seeing the “I” commencing the six bullet points.


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