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Once upon a time

She was a character in a big book that was kept closed, untouched for years. Till one day she decided to become a real girl and get out of this book, like Pinocchio, she heard about him as one of the characters told her about him when she was just some words in the book. She didn’t think she was real enough being locked in the book.

She remained for years thinking and collecting her inner strength till one day she made it. She came out, looked around and found herself in a house just similar to the one in she used to live in the book.

Everything was exactly the same except that they were just black letters typed on white pages, that her imagination has colored the way they were in reality.
While surfing the room with her eyes, she found a mirror, she ran to see her reflected picture and that was the only thing that she has never visualized.
She didn’t have a clear perception of what is beautiful and what isn’t.
Words were different, there were long or short, difficult or easy, correct or wrongly typed…

She used to see colors within the black and white world she used to live in, so colors were not a new concept to her heart as it has been to her sight sense.
She was also able to see shapes and to feel everything, the seasons, the light and love.

She noticed a big library in the room with a considerable number of nicely organized set of books; she looked at them with sympathy rather than pity and imagined the imprisoned characters inside them, wondered if she can liberate them.

She grabbed a book opened the first page to see how the story starts and to her surprise, it didn’t begin with “once upon a time”.
She thought all the books are stories and all the stories are fairy tales.

She continued flipping the pages, reading a page after another, peeked at the end and didn’t find “lived happily ever after”.
It was a whole new meaning to her to realize that not all books are about prince and princesses, to find deeper and diversified meanings and learn them.
She checked another book and another book and another till she fell asleep.

The next morning, she got this idea of reading the book she came from, the other characters as well as hers, she was so curious to know whether she was a leading character, or just a secondary role with a marginal significance.

She started reading again, holding her breath, and got extremely thrilled when she found it was a story, and it began with “Once upon a time”. She also discovered that she was among the main characters. She had a great deal of love in her heart to the others and was loved and appreciated in return.

She continued reading very hastly as if her eyes were racing the words and the lines. She was anxious to see if there were princes and princesses like the classic stories. There were shadows of the noble, genuine knights but were all just illusions.

She was looking for a man of her dreams and he was never a prince nor a shepherd, he was a courageous loving knight.
The day flew with no trace of such a knight and almost half the book was over.
She put the book aside and wondered how the rest of the story would be.
Will she find him or won’t she.

Deep down, she so wanted to find him. Wanted the story to be a fairy tale and the end would be “they lived happily ever after.

She got scared, managed to read some more pages till she could no longer see the words, as if they have converted into another language or other symbols with no meaning the lines started to collapse and what was left … just white pages with black spots all over.

She tried to find an explanation but was finally convinced that it’s good once in a while to sit, review, and analyze one’s life, see the big picture from a distance.

At this very moment she could see that this book is life, she took a deep breath, jumped and sank into the book once again to be able to live it and no matter what the end will be, she will be happy and content that she has lived it.

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