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1. Hiding isn’t easy, where would you find a shelter to keep you from those whom you have let down when you disappeared.
2. Separation is when you know you are very near but you can’t be together.
3. Eyes have their way of saying goodbye, and their voice is clearly loud.
4. Though choice is abandoning an option that might have changed your life, this change was never meant to be. All the roads lead to only one way … Destiny.
5. Differences aren’t there to create disputes; they enrich one’s soul, make us in a way complete each other and add a flavor to life.
6. I am very content with the second chances I had as well the ones that I haven’t.
7. Why would we regret losing something we have never celebrated having in the first place?
8. Being solid isn’t being strong; Ice is solid, but hold a cube for a minute in your hand and see what would be left.
9. Solidness isn’t a trait it’s a state.
10. In my country, there are no wars, and yet its people don’t live in peace.

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