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Thinking of weekends

Since I am alone in the office, the Super Duper Nesrina has finalized all the pending tasks and the boss is not here to add to my to do list . Let’s see what are the personal things to do:
1- The movies has been cancelled today, so the plan will be replaced with another visit to Orman garden to buy my mother the red cactus that she wanted and have some more shots betarkeez not on the fly like last time.
2- Need to do some shopping for summer outfits and shoes.
3- Need to pack winter clothes (hopefully Saturday will be a good day for tawdeeb el dolab).
4- Need to have my eyes checked before starting my studies, …will start in May isA (HR certificate).
Good … not so many things, there is a room for going out and enjoying the long weekend.

About weekends, last Friday we were supposed to go out for coffee, the three of us Engy, Soha and myself, Engy couldn’t make it. So it was just Soha and me.
We went to Beanos Café and sat indoors as it was really hot and dusty that day.
We had our coffee and while looking through the window,… it suddenly began to rain.
We left the café and spent like an hour strolling down El Korba street in the rain, it was amazing. I haven’t walked like that in ages. Although the weather got colder and I wasn’t prepared for it… but it was so much enjoyable.
I bet all Heliopolis residents have memories in El Korba and special appreciation, we kept remembering these memories and laughing ,,,it was great.

I have a feeling that today is Thursday, don’t know why… I am hyperactive, and want to do a lot of things and can’t wait to do them… weird !
May be because I am not busy and has nothing else to think about? fara3′ yani.

Update: new photos (here)


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Found this quiz at HECHKOK’s blog, it’s interesting and in my case true I guess.

You Are An ISFJ

The Nurturer

You have a strong need to belong, and you very loyal.
A good listener, you excell at helping others in practical ways.
In your spare time, you enjoy engaging your senses through art, cooking, and music.
You find it easy to be devoted to one person, who you do special things for.

You would make a good interior designer, chef, or child psychologist.

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Spring Time

Finally went for an hour to “Orman” garden, to see the spring festival there and took some photos .. here are they:


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Mystery’s tag

Here is another tag by dear Mystery and here are my answers:

1. What are your ambitions, things you hope to achieve in life and what are your goals?
To be happily married, to further educate myself, to have my own business (I have an idea of a project that I would like to start but still needs financing, so that’s what I would like to work on).

Hope that answers Sue Adam’s question of what do I want.

2. What is marriage to you?
It’s a holy combination of two souls to become one complete person.

3. What are the traits that must be present in YOUR someone?
Loving, tender, caring, religious, well mannered, responsible, funny, mature, considerate, romantic, ambitious, optimistic, non smoker, preferably athletic, patient and good looking.
Someone whom I can talk with, share things with, play with the play station together, …someone who can be a father, a husband and a friend to me.

4. Do you think having a child (or conceiving one) in the first year of marriage is a must/obligation?
Not at all, these things must be left to god.

5. Are there any illnesses you suffer from?
Thank god no.

6. Are you social? Who are your friends?
Can’t say social, some of my friends are back from school time and others from work, …but my existing friends are so dear to me and I do love them.

7. What’s your relationship with your parents/brothers/sisters?
I LOVE both of my parent soooooooooo much, they are the best and I am so grateful for them in so many ways. As for my sister, she is my twin and we are very good friends… I am blessed to have them.

8. What are your hobbies? How do you like to spend your free time?
Hobbies used to be painting, now photography, writing, walking and effortless swimming (floating and relaxing)…. No wait and shopping.

9. Do you do any voluntary/charity work?
I am not a member in a charitable entity or anything but whenever I have the chance to share or participate in such activities I do.

10. How would you feel if my mother or yours interfered in our relationship or life later?
She never interferes , I know that for a fact… she just wants me to be happy.

I would like to pass this tag to my side bar friends if they would like to.

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Oh here we go again, It’s Sundays, …the first working day in the week, normally I am sleepy, and looking forward to the weekend already.
For no specific reason I am so hungry today, no wait there could be a reason … I am anxious about the launch event …will I go or won’t I. Am afraid I might not have the option of saying no.
Back to eating, normally when I decide to eat at work my routine meal is oats with milk, my colleagues keep asking me what am I eating, saying it’s babies’ food, I don’t care.. it’s nutritious, good for me, tasty and easy 🙂 . Or it can be substituted with biscuits or kit kats.
When my manager isn’t there we usually celebrate and order food, my favorite is Lebanese food …mana2eesh for instance with thyme and labna, salad from spectra …or for a change junk food (burger and stuff)…that’s very rare.
Today is different; I want to eat things that can never be eaten at work…NEVER!
Keep thinking about…foul (beans) with butter and cumin, white cheese with olive oil, tomatoes and green pepper, brown bread (balady). Or feteer (Egyptian pies), honey, white cheese (Istamboli).
Casper and Gambini has already opened in City Start… it’s now so far for me. I remember when we used to go have breakfast when I was working at (P)- my ex employer.
Anyhow, will get realistic, order a couple of croissants (one with almonds and the other with Chocolate) and have a cup of coffee.


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What are the criteria for success, how can you say you didn’t fail when you actually aren’t moving.
I am not moving, isn’t that failure? When you accomplish something you should supposedly proceed with the next level.
But what does it mean to do things right and often be thanked or appreciated for them and then nothing else happens. It’s not only about work, it’s about everything …
Is it a trade mill, I am walking and sometimes running and when I look around I find myself at the exact same place.
May be I am the one who doesn’t know how to take things to the next level. May be it’s because I like to be offered things rather than asking for them.
Yes I don’t ask for things but it isn’t out of arrogance, it’s just a decision I took based on a history of disappointments.
I have faith and I will remain thankful to god no matter what. After all may be there are good things that I didn’t have but there are bad things that I didn’t experience either. It’s a package in a way, a balanced timely one.
I still need to learn things and above all, I should be more patient.
Recently I am tending to be reactive, doing things without thinking carefully unlike me and then regret and wonder how can I ever fix it.
May be I should let go a little, should be more flexible and give myself a chance.
May be I should do risky things, may be I should find myself another passion to fill the emptiness in my heart… in my soul. May be I need a push…
Soft, encouraging talks aren’t always the remedy, sometimes you need someone to confront you with your flaws and let you see what others see and never told you about. Shake you harshly to let you open your eyes and realize what is going wrong, leave you to think and may be cry…
There is nothing I know for sure… they are all “MAY BE/s”. I am searching for the steps/levels, bored and tired of the flat corridor and want to get out and see the sun.

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My sister calls me Garfield because she sees me as a lazy person. In fact I kind of am a lazy person as far as preference is concerned, but life doesn’t always offer such a luxury.
Besides, laziness requires great deal of relaxation and it can’t be attained while your mind is continuously working which is my case.

If you ask me, what would I do to relax (imaginary speaking) I’d say…

Get myself a huge trampoline and place it in a garden or something and keep bouncing and bouncing (remember “Big” movie) till I run out of energy, thoughts, worries and stop feeling anything then fell asleep.

Open my eyes the next morning, sees greenery all around and a beautiful blue sky.
Head to my house, have a shower, breakfast with family and look at my day’s schedule and find it BLANK!

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