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Today was a peaceful, warm family day. During a conversation with my uncle he said this phrase “you get what you attract”, he continued talking about golf and how its rules sometimes contradict with our approach in life…. never think of the bad experiences of the past while you are trying to get the ball into the hall and if you want to get the ball farther you don’t hit it hard as the muscles contract and so on…
Back to “you get what you attract” It’s the law of attraction…. “you get what you think about; your thoughts determine your destiny.
I believe this is true for two reasons:
First: personally I tend to attract a certain pattern whether incidents, people, events….
By attract I mean encounter… or experience certain repetitive situations and also having what they call chemistry with certain type of people.
Whether I like what I attract or not, it’s still a fact that at a point of time and because of the recurrence, I could see the pattern.
The easier way to look at the phenomena is summing it up in the word “coincidence” but what are the odds of having such random coincidences in such a very well preplanned universe.
Also remember those unlucky people who attracts unfortunate events wherever they go. It’s their negative way of thinking that magnetizes such events. I used to know someone who was the perfect example of such type. He was always anticipating the worst and that’s what he used to get.
The second reason is: thoughts vary in their urgency , I am not talking about the extreme (obsession) but these thoughts do generate energy and that amount of the energy generated is directly proportional to the level of intensity of these thoughts.
The energy is what attracts, for instance it take the form of discipline and passion if we are considering work. Sincere overwhelming feelings when it comes to relationships. Suspicions, worries and fear if the basic thoughts were anxieties and insecurities.
Eventually the corresponding set of actions will find its way back to where they have originally came from …”you”.

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Now I realized the bless of being able to write, it has been the way to express what can’t be said. It is really harsh to keep things locked up inside, without being able to let them out in any sort.
There are many things that I am not really comfortable with but don’t want to complain about, got tired of complaining and winning. Besides I just feel that things are going to get better and I trust my heart.
About conversations, I used to think that I am a good listener but in fact I no longer am. Especially when it comes to the people who just talk for the sake of talking not because they have something to say or express how they feel. As if they only work on filling the silence. I don’t like that.
I appreciate silence and I appreciate sincere and deep words, gestures and whispers.
If you are a listener, you can listen to the eyes, hear and comprehend body language, communicate and connect with said and unsaid words.
Ironically I avoid certain conversations, work on making them shorter if I couldn’t escape ‘em, turn off my phone while running after some other conversations and talks that I can not imagine what they are going to be.
It’s not out of curiosity, is it? I am not curious by nature.
May be it’s an old fancy, an attachment to the past that I loved or a better future that I am wishing to have.
What concerns me is I don’t want to burden anyone with these feelings I carry and I don’t want to mislead myself with them either.
I am not patient anymore and the waiting game is straining. But it’s believe it or not so enjoyable when compared with having nothing to look up to and wait for.

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