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I feel that most of the time we just react to situations, we don’t spend some quality time alone to think and plan. We are taking decisions on the go.. and these decisions are often influenced by the moment’s mood, external temporary factors, emotions,…
We don’t always have the luxury of deferring issues till we can think, scrutinize and look into details. But had we have this time we should realize that we need to look inwards not only outwards…

Look at people in the streets and see their faces, do they look happy, content, satisfied,… ? no matter what their status is, no matter if they are in the bus, walking or driving a fancy car. To me some people look like they aren’t even alive, they look disconnected from their surroundings. And others are really aggravated, like a bomb … Only god knows what burdens/aches are they enduring and what are their hidden stories.

A real attempt and time should be invested in trying to connect, find some inner peace, discover and comfort oneself. Family and friends are important but they are not enough.
There is a great need to gather and unite your scattered thoughts, soothe your mind, ask questions and try to find where the enjoyment is…
Some people do exercises and practices like: meditation, yoga, prayers, …
And it really does help.

Another practice that should be sought; beauty appreciation … yes you might be having serious problem but god has perfected this world so we can enjoy his bless.

Last but not least, some compassion, empathy and thoughtfulness are so gravely required.
Do the effort and reach for others, no matter if you know them or not …may be they need your help, some consideration and forgiveness, a comforting words or even a smile.
Do it because you needed to as much as they did, you don’t have to be rewarded… you will always be remembered as the perfect stranger sent from heaven.

Now why don’t we grab a remote control, press mute … feel the quietness, sink into our souls, listen, feel, evaluate, keep the love inside and take the negative energy and thoughts away, purify our hearts and get once more to the surface, share and celebrate our being with the world.


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