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Be Who You Are …

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” Dr. Seuss

We are born different and this fact should be acknowledged rather than diminished and buried. It’s simpler to deal with patterns but let this be restricted to architecture.

Human beings are richer than that but their instinct always cry for security which is one of the gifts of acceptance. It’s safer to be just like everyone else.

Some people can gladly be shaped and colored according to the circumstances … they surely have their reasons I am not arguing. Amazingly they get what they want… acceptance, privileges, favoritism, … and sometimes they are called sociable as they can get along with almost anybody. They are always on a stage performing and damn it … they are good performers, no matter how much you don’t agree with them, it’s amusing to watch their shows.

The good news is, charms and charisma only come from being unique. Brains and intellect shouldn’t be hidden just to seem like a fun person. Shallowness is not fun.

I am not referring to shallowness as being “air headed”. Even shallowness has a deeper meaning. Some people act shallow because they are bloated, they are so filled up that they can’t reach within themselves any deeper.

Everyone is unique in his/her own way. Everyone has a flavor, color, scent, …
Trying to be someone else can push you anywhere you want but if you ever get there just think … is there where you belong? A fish won’t only be happy if it ends up in a royal fancy palace, it won’t be alive !

You will never get a satisfaction attracting the wrong audience, maintaining wrong friends or living a life that isn’t yours.

Celebrate what you are and be proud of what you have… it might not be “much” but it’s truly “yours”.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Ghandi

Inspired by the Queen of the pink planet’s post, thanks your majesty 🙂

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I bet we don’t hear a lot of “why/s” as much as we hear the “what/s”.
People are curious… that’s one way of explaining it but the other side of the coin is … they aren’t brave enough to know what’s behind the picture.

Funnier, sometimes they have no interest in knowing the answers, they have just developed this habit of asking or … they are just killing sometime.

It’s hard to have one sincere genuine heart felt conversation with anyone… people won’t tolerate it. Words are easier and softer compared to the burdening loud feelings.

On the other hand, silence is brutal to those holding their puzzlements inside and those who are chased with them. Out of nowhere an inside a storm fueled with thoughts and confusion just blows carrying all the rage, laughs, memories, pictures, talks, lies, insecurities, fear, disappointments, …every question, every why, and every unspoken answer.

The storm one day just fades, you look and ponder upon the torn books from the strength of the winds and the kept dead roses that have flown and dissolved into the air.

Only then the big answer appears, you turn to yourself with the question and know that the only person who should have been questioned before has always been “you”.

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