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“Making our streets safer for everyone”
It’s not only The Egyptian center for woman’s rights’ slogan or promo (http://www.ecwronline.org/). It’s the everyone’s demand , every woman who just wants to use the street in peace without hearing silly comments or being assaulted in anyway. It’s the demand of the parents who want to make sure their girls are safe.
After the Feast’s horrific accident in Mohandessin and since it wasn’t the first, the fear was rising that those guys (animals) could do such thing without an intervention from the police or even the people in the street except for some noble attempts from few women. (ya3ni keda besara7a el setat tel3o 2agda3 men el regala who were standing still).
The “animals” said they are provoked by what girls wear… what can I say “animals”.

I was so happy when I heard the news ” An Egyptian man has been jailed for three years with hard labor for sexual harassment of a woman in the street”.
For the girl who reported the incident and took it to court “Noha Rushdi” … chapeau!
Still … rules, laws and security presence have to be developed and activated.
Otherwise don’t blame the girls for carrying self defense tools and weapons (stun guns, pepper spray or mace … ) to defend themselves as long as we are in a jungle, don’t blame girls for running over an offender with their cars, don’t blame them as it’s only fair to really hurt them and injure them … it’s called self defense.

Meanwhile, women have to be more cautious and prepared, they should learn their rights. They should learn to defend themselves and defend each other.

Again, there is a need for rules; instead of dragging the offender to the police station there should be security figures in the streets (police officers, police cars to roam the streets ). A hot line to report if someone is under attack. (everyone is carrying a cell phone now).

Another thing I have found, you can send your complains to the ministry of internal affairs through this link:
I haven’t personally tried it but it’s a positive way to raise a flag if a particular area (street) is facing any kind of threat.

Finally, making our streets safer for “women” will be a reality … better be by “Law”.

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