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Upon Juka‘s request, here is my own opinion about HP movie.

Went yesterday to the movies, sat back and got ready for the fantasy ride…

The action started way too soon upon the attack of the dementors in the muggle world (outside the school) unlike the previous parts which was pretty exciting for me.

The traditional stuff were there … the talking letters delivered by the owls, the brooms, the moving pictures published in the papers, with some innovation when a house has transpired out of nowhere upon their arrival , or the phone booth that was the entrance to the order of the phoenix’s headquarter… (hmmm… not bad).

The music and locations were inline with the HP’s theme previously presented in the earlier movies. However the mood was different.

I won’t go through the details of the movie, but they were too many to the level of intensity. It was kind of distracting in some parts. For me the plot was over shaded by the fast paced things and scenes going on.

Also the performance of Daniel Radcliffe …. wasn’t the best as I got the feeling that he was too nervous but that has then been explained later on in the movie so apparently he was deliberately angry and nervous.

The freaky creatures were there too, I didn’t like them personally.
Some characters have been introduced one of them was Luna Lovegood, that has been talking about “The Quibbler” and we never knew who they were.

The new teacher “Dolores Umbridge” … later was known with her decrees and she succeeded in taking over the school … was interesting and I loved her performance.
Alan Rickman playing Snape has been good as always.

There were a couple of funny parts but the visions that HP was seeing throughout the movie were making things darker than the usual.

Another interesting part was inside the department of mysteries leading to very interesting questions about the connection between HP and Voldemort and his scar.

Unfortunately, a great disappointment has trailed Sirius’s scene with Bellatrix Lestrange (won’t say what happened in case you don’t know).

The final confrontation between HP and Voldemort wasn’t really satisfactory … (the rapid snapshots when Voldemort was attempting to penetrate HP’s memory and how HP has managed to resist ).

All in all, the movie is entertaining, there were some inconsistency and some questions were left unanswered but I was glad I saw it

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