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Important announcement: Harry Potter is finally out …. Yay 😀

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy these kinds of movies (Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the rings, …), well I do.
I know they aren’t real and some people (by people I mean all my friends and my dear sister) see them as childish but I like the technicalities, the picture, visual and sound effects, … there are many elements in the movie that I do enjoy beside the plot.

For instance the thing I liked about “Ocean’s 13” other than Mr. Clooney “smile” was the movement of the camera inside the casino, it was kinda cool.
The music in “Sense and sensibility” and “Age of innocence”, well “Age of innocence” is a wonderful movie not just great soundtrack.
Perfect Storm was a touching story, wonderful seascape scenes, beautiful performance …(again Mr. Clooney 🙂 )

What else … “Memoirs of a geisha”, “Lake House” , “The truth about cats and dogs” , “The pursuit of happiness” , “ Great Expectations” , “ My best friend’s wedding” , “ You have got mail” , “Message in a bottle” , “Pearl Harbor”. “Glory”, A walk to remember” , “catch me if you can” , “Malcolm X” , “Beautiful mind” , “Beauty and the beast” , “Groundhog day” , “Forrest Gump”, “The English patient”, “Green Mile”….

My watch list for the upcoming vacation includes: Harry Potter, Lonely hearts, and The Bourne Ultimatum.


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1- Enter my office and find a bunch of flowers and cheese cake J.
2- Make someone’s day, only wish to know how.
3- Know that my boss won’t come, and I finish all my pending stuff quietly.
4- Being recognized and appreciation for my work.
5- Feel distinctive.
6- Help someone.
7- Getting help when I need it without having to ask for it.
8- Waking up and realize it’s a holiday J
9- Nice breakfast with colleagues, not alone in “on the run” L.
10- When it’s Thursday and I know I am going out with my friends or going to the movies.

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About six months ago Norm has left me a valuable comment that I kept thinking of , saved it and considered it one of the most wonderful truthful quotes I have ever known.
Many thanks Norm.

“When one good friend leaves your life another seems to enter and fill the same space…I think we are all one spirit and that the parts of that spirit that you need at any time will find you. “

Youssef also has left me a comment on my post “Quotes” that had wonderful other quotes that I so wanted to thank him for. they are as follows:

“They say that kids tell the truth, but am I a child too when I tell you that I love you enormously ?”

“أشفق و حقد و رغب و عزف و غاب و رجع دون جدوى”

“When I hear somebody sigh ‘Life is hard’, I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?”

“He can do more for others who has done most with himself”.

“I’m a killer, i kill people for money, but you are my friend I KILL YOU FOR FREE !!”

“To look life in the face…always…to look life in the face…and to know it…for what it is…and at last to know it…to love it…for what it is…and then…to put it away”.

Lasto-adri *Blue*:

“Accept everything about yourself — I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end — no apologies, no regrets.”

“Whatever you fear the most you attract into your life and whatever you expect the most, you also attract into your life as well”


“when you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you”

” Love is like a plant that needs care and tenderness but it dies immidiatly if you forget it”


من وجد الله ماذا فقد؟ ومن فقد الله ماذا وجد؟


“Common sense is very uncommon””Friendship is like a bank account, you can’t continue to draw from it without making deposits”

Thanks dear friends I do appreicate what you share with me.

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These are quotes Ilike from movies but I couldn’t help not commenting on some of them.

“More real to me than anything I’ve ever known”.

“Sometimes feel as if I’m invisible, as if no one can see me at all”.
Sometimes it is just what I want….

“How’s your sunset?
It’s perfect.
I only wish you were here to share it with me”.
Hope you were watching the same sunset even if you are far.

“One man I can never meet. Him, I would like to give my whole heart to”.
Can’t say “never”.

“I’ve been trying to forget you and forgive you”.
Forgive you for being so good to be true.

“Let me let you go”.

“Over the mysteries of female life there is drawn a veil, best left undisturbed”.

“Someday you’ll find a man, a good man, and you’ll love him, and marry him, and live and die for him”.
Where are you …

“I shall be homesick for you even in Heaven”.
Hope you will be there “M”.

“Your heart understood mine. In the depth of the fragrant night, I listened with ravished soul to your beloved voice. Your heart understood mine”.

“At night my mind would come alive with voices and stories as real to me as any in the real world. I gave myself up to it, longing for transformation”.

“True or False: All’s fair in love and war”.

“My heart is, and always will be, yours”.

“Neither of us have anything to tell. I because I conceal nothing and you because you communicate nothing”.
I concealed and you didn’t communicate…

“There is a painful difference between the expectation of an unpleasant event and its final certainty”.
There lies a brief space of denial in the middle.

“What’s it like not to feel anything?”
Don’t feel anything at all.

“You know what it is? … It’s my heart, and its broken”.

“Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts the most”.

“And you’ll just forget about me, right? … every day”.

And when i think of you i fall in love again
A love so beautiful in every way
A love so beautiful we let it slip away (a song).

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I know it sounds very old fashioned, historic, silly … but I love written / documented communications and I will confess and say I love “letters”. I am very aware of the fact that the conventional letters I have in mind do no longer exist. And yes I mean those very basic letters sent my mail. I just find them sincere and very heart felt.
I love everything about them… beginning with the sweet word “Dear” till the usual , meaningful words of “yours”, “sincerely” or faithfully”. Will you stop and think of their meanings. Can you imagine what does it mean to say to someone “Yours”. No one ever means it that way, not even myself.
The root of my problem is at some events/ incidents or conversations
when they mean something to me I get overwhelmed with them and stop involuntarily listening, sometimes seeing or existing for a very brief while and come back. It’s funny I missed some beautiful words and times in such a black out. Another reason for this peculiar state is sometimes my shyness. I try to hide it, focus on whether people are looking or not and how to act and miss the real thing going on.
I am a good talker by the way, but when I am not prepared or ready … I really babble like what I am doing now at 2:43 am. I don’t normally talk much, I am not loud but I know what language to use, what words to pick and at the same time maintain my spontaneity. I am the kind of people that likes to think then talk. Can’t just say whatever pops in my mind.
Again what is so special about letter, why not emails. Well, I like the fact that they are very much personalized and unique. The hand writing, the type and color of the papers used, the way they are folded, the envelop, they way they are sent or handed… I am crazy I know.
We are fortunate with technology but the personal magic touch has disappeared for good. I sound like my grandma but as much as I like computers, cars and modernized life style, I do love simplicity and originality.
I am so much influenced by some movies in that post and I would like to mention them… “lake house” about the letters, “You have got mail” … how does it feel to keep checking your mail waiting to have a specific one and “A walk to remember” for other reasons.

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Tag: Favorite blogs

As a respond to Tarek’s tag. I want first to affirm that my favorite blogs/bloggers are all here in the right , check my sidebar,,, these blogs are not only enjoyable for me but I am sort of connected to them and inspired by them in so many ways. It’s by no mean a complement… most of these bloggers don’t know me in person and some of them may not know they are linked here.
I would like to categorize the blogs I like with some examples… let’s get started:

Blogs I like to start my day with: Nermeena, Engy, Wonderer, Blue (Lasto Adry), Why … they are funny, outgoing, surprising, and amusing.

Blogs I MUST find a time to read it whenever a new post is published: The Gnostic blogger … my all time favorite blog.
Why… it’s interesting, wonderful writing and amazing topics.

Blogs I admire and respect: Bent Masreya, Zeinobia, Cold Desert and Green Data … there is something in common between Ahmad and Tarek’s blogs… technical posts however Ahmad is having a separate blog for that purpose, another common point their sense of humor.
Why… they are beneficial, decent and you feel they make an effort, dig and search to present something of value. Due salutation:
Ahmad: his daily diary of the war as well as his attitude during the crises.
Tarek: his supportive and mature posts responding to Laila’s campaign.

Enjoyable and indulging blogs: Rain, Me and Jannah ,,,
Why… very classy, emotional and spiritual. I like Psychicwizdom’s ideas too but her blog is more realistic and rational if I may say. But I can amazingly connect with her … sometimes I read her posts and find the exact words I wanted to write about… telepathy may be.

Personal blogs: like Moon
Why… she speaks about herself and her life in a very sincere way and by the time I just appreciated her openness and it became a habit to go check on her by visiting her blog and see how are things going with her.

Occasionally (due to the lack of time): I visit Manal & Alaa I like the idea and I do thank their efforts but I don’t feel at ease because of the language often used by some of the commenter with opposing opinions and some obscene (outrageous) posts. I am not criticizing or judging, I understand and respect the differences between people and backgrounds.

Note: again these names are examples to some broad categories.
To all whom I couldn’t mention …you are already part of my blog, day and life and I am very grateful for letting me share your thoughts.

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Just felt I want to think about what I enjoy and I am sure there are still a lot of things that I can consider favorite, but here is what is on the top of my mind in a random order .

Reading: Qoran and interesting books
Family gatherings
Cooking; special attention to the decoration and colors.
Photography and photo editing
Talking and listening; not always
I like everything very clean, neat and organized.
I like the words : sincere, dear, tenderness, faith, honesty.
Watching movies; watching now “you’ve got mail” it’s beautiful, I also love it’s music.
Listening to soft music, favorite instruments: piano and violin in a background.
El Eid prayer; amazing timing and beautiful scene.
Spending time with friends
Walking; specially in the evening or night
Hanging out in open air
Being up all night talking with my friends or family.
Waking up late ; 10 or 11 am
Shampoos, shower jell, detergents, sanitizers and every cleaning aid existing.
Scented candles
Boats, car rides when I am not driving.
Wedding celebrations, I like to see everybody happy.
I would like to have a day wedding myself, with very small number of guest.
Computers and Internet.
I like to be liked … loved and be told.
Fall and Winter.
Making someone’s day; don’t think I have ever done that… just wish to know how.
Buying presents and arranging surprise parties.
Playing with children the way my dad used to play with us; painting and colors.
Feeling and knowing that I am right.
Recalling good memories.
Thinking of tomorrow as a brand new day and a beginning.
Sit in the balcony watching the sun set and sky’s colors.
Eating healthy food with some exceptions, also, coffee, apples (my own way when cooked with cinnamon), cantaloupe and nuts.
Not to let anyone down.

Favorite (best) gift: flowers
Bikes; although I have never been able to safely ride it without accidents.
I like to feel secure.
Like the very normal lifestyle and simplicity; not into extravagance and fancy stuff.
Inviting people over.
I would like to travel to many countries.

People to show the best they are and offer the best they can be with no regrets

The smell of freshly baked home cookies.
SMSs and emails.

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