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1. Hiding isn’t easy, where would you find a shelter to keep you from those whom you have let down when you disappeared.
2. Separation is when you know you are very near but you can’t be together.
3. Eyes have their way of saying goodbye, and their voice is clearly loud.
4. Though choice is abandoning an option that might have changed your life, this change was never meant to be. All the roads lead to only one way … Destiny.
5. Differences aren’t there to create disputes; they enrich one’s soul, make us in a way complete each other and add a flavor to life.
6. I am very content with the second chances I had as well the ones that I haven’t.
7. Why would we regret losing something we have never celebrated having in the first place?
8. Being solid isn’t being strong; Ice is solid, but hold a cube for a minute in your hand and see what would be left.
9. Solidness isn’t a trait it’s a state.
10. In my country, there are no wars, and yet its people don’t live in peace.

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  • “Don’t Worry”, you can’t …?
    At least don’t pile things up and worry about them, deal with your worries…just one at a time, defer them a little bit …some of them will dissolve without you noticing.
  • A gift is what you give (full stop).
    It’s not what you give to get another thing in return.
  • Here is a little game …
    She : “You will be missed” (she used the passive voice to avoid saying “I”)
    He : “Will miss you too” (He didn’t say it either, how clever).
  • I want to be loved by ALL the people.
    So what have I done to deserve this love…. a question that has got to be raised.
  • Have been asked before how come you wear red a lot, your car is red… what is it with you and the red color.
    Well, about the car it’s a total coincidence, it’s my third car and it’s red as well.
    About me wearing red.. there is an old Egyptian say that “if you want to laugh at a dark complexioned person, let him/her wear red”. So I was trying to avoid it, till one day I decided to revolt against the say and surprise … surprise, it suits me and looks good on me. Moral of the story: don’t always listen and avoid…. TRY!.
  • Some words were never actually said because there is no one to be told about.
  • What do I hate the most ?
    People wearing masks, I have this curse that from the first minute I see these masks and be forced to remain silent while seeing people falling for it.

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Felt like having a lot to say but couldn’t concentrate and put together all the bits and peices into one post , so here it comes again …

1- What would really make you feel satisfied… having everything or giving everything… I believe GIVING, having everything isn’t possible anyway.

2- Love can be purchased when the price you pay is love and sacrifice.

3- We are well equipped sophisticated master piece creatures, if only we know how to deal with that… ironically the instruction and manuals were provided but we revolted against them and decided to go on our own.

4- May be what seemed wrong with one person, would be the right thing to do with another.

5- They say “Time heals everything” … but how would you bear the time you spend waiting to be healed.

6- Arrogant and snobbish people do hurt other’s feeling even by just showing up.

7- Some people don’t know how to enjoy the moment; they knew how wonderful it was when it becomes past. They have great memories but they never lived a good day… imagine !

8- At work the most brutal task you can be given is when your boss harms someone, delegates you to represent his ugly face and see its reflection on that person.

9- So he is capable of saying what should and shouldn’t be done, he is not doing it though… seems his mouth works independently from his ears and mind, I expected to hear at the end of the sentence “………………………………, this is a recorded message”.

10- Forgiving is possible, forgetting isn’t.

11- Don’t look for a pattern, people are different.

12- I am kind of lost, keep asking myself “ Is that the right way “ I am sure it isn’t but I know I came across it truly by mistake but for a good reason.
“Right things sometimes happen in the wrong places”.

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1- “Home” is not a house, … not a country, … not a person, it’s security and serenity.

2- Men tend to avoid women when they are angry, although this anger flies away once she feels there is someone to support or just be there.

3- People searching for love are searching for a missing part of them knowing there is someone out there who has it. Wish that someday the two of them will be a complete whole ONE.

4- People who define themselves with what they own or what they do, are truly what they own or what they do except that they no longer are “PEOPLE”.

5- Waiting, … needs strength, some people mess up during that phase , do the wrong things to make themselves busy, others are patient enough to hold on and some people lose resistance and die.

6- I prayed to god and I am sure I will be answered. I have never wanted something that badly and I wasn’t answered.

7- I want to get closer, watch and listen to everything … I am not curious, I just want to understand.

8- How difficult to keep holding the truth from someone as it will hurt and bear the guiltiness of contributing in an illusion that dear person is living.

9- We do have the tolerance for pain and sometimes enjoyment as well, it makes us human… life is a harmonized set of contradictions and so are we… so the soft sad warm violin note, fuzzy chilly winds as the sunsets, dark quiet nights, a sweet tender look from the least perosn expected, …. There are no patterns in life.

10- Being silent for a long while, makes you have a lot to say… but makes you forget how to say it.

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  • Neither a guarded castle nor a thousand locks can make you feel secure; heart has its own security measures.
  • Possession in love is not a crime, when you need to be captured, captivated and taken away from everything that ever existed and get acquainted to a whole new place that you can feel for the first time that you belong to… will else can matter?
  • You don’t have a story as long as you are not willing to hear what the other side had to say.
  • Tulips are classy and romantic, roses are romantic and sincere.
  • He was picking on a debate; I didn’t comment, remained silent as when he was expecting opposition from the readers. I just wanted to say thanks for being considerate, understanding. It’s enough for me that you wanted to listen (To a blogger whom I am not sure he will read this).
  • No relationship is risk free nor can it be guaranteed.
  • Instead of assuming what can be better for me, just ask.
  • About spontaneity, even the dumb thing I sometimes say are better that saying things I do not really mean.
  • Passion, Passion, Passion… enormous, intense invisible force, it’s radiating, inspiring and contagious.
  • I have never been impressed with people often known as “impressive”, guess I have a different definition.
  • Why do I find it normal when someone tells me that drawing is not his/her hobby and they find it hard when I say reading is not among my hobbies.
    I don’t have the tolerance for long reads, I am kind of analytical… I want to know something I go and search for it in books, internet wherever… it’s for the sake of knowledge not reading itself. I used to study on my own, just get the books, research, summarize and prepare my own notes about it. I remember the first time I read the Alchemist I wanted to do the same thing. Literature for me is a luxury or a treat I give my soul when I need. What is wrong with that?
  • Have you ever wished you have never met a certain person, not because he is a bad one but because he was too good to be true.
  • How will you know if a person is trustworthy if you never give him a chance? This chance can be a test… and no matter what the result will be, at least you have tried.
  • Heard it once on one of the shows that I can’t stand but I liked it “Winners do things losers don’t want to do”.
    I have no problem saying sorry if I was wrong. The hard part is the admission not the apology.

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  • Waiting and waiting and when the chance comes … my pride doesn’t let me take the first step.
  • I will say YES but can you please ASK.
  • It’s nice to be smart but it’s sometimes intimidating.
  • A heart talks … can you hear anything?
  • People are different and I am different with different people.
  • If you decide to go to glamorous shinny people, bear the risk that when you come closer you will find they are just reflecting surfaces of true crystal hearts around them. So go look for these hearts.
  • It’s not necessary to frown if you are sad .. resistance make you laugh when you really want to cry.
  • Gold is purified by excessive heat so does a person … hardships brings the best in people.
  • Why do I care? keep asking myself this question night and day.
  • To win a person over you have to show that you care, if you are sincere you just care and you hold yourself from showing it not to freak him out.
  • Q: what if prince charming is not a prince?
    A: it doesn’t matter
    Q: what if he is not charming?
    A: it doesn’t matter
    Q: What matters?
    A: the person he is.
  • Watching the news, and the tragedies in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine from a distance, is like watching a dear person sick, he is the one with the real pain but it feels much worse to see the pain and can’t stop it.
  • I still have a problem saying NO…

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What bothers me the most is that I am still trying to make it work.
Hope sometimes is draining it doesn’t make you quit working on hopeless cases.

You have to be impatient to start transforming an idea in your head to reality and very patient to wait throughout this transformation process till it’s realized.

“What do you think of me” is an intriguing question that I don’t ask but always love to know the answer.

Why do we wait … things don’t always turn the way we expected.

When you want a certain thing to happen, the options you have are to forget about it or make it happen … waiting is not an option.

Love is a simple word that can not easily be said as such, but it take strange forms and be disguised in words as easy as HI, strange enough …still felt as the L word.

He was so near when he was away, presence is felt.
Now all these people are away while they’re near … absence is experienced.

There aren’t two different places, it’s one land under one sky.

Words get devaluated after being heard from liars.

I am very grateful, Allah has granted me things that I have asked for and also things I just thought about and never uttered a word … my thought were answered!

Does a liar get satisfied when a second party is fooled or does he feel guilty. are there any excuses he gives to himself or he doesn’t bother.

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Time is a big illusion, the calculations are not correct … the hour is not 60 minutes, sometimes it’s 10, 30 or eternity.

Getting a thing after asking for it is not worth it.

Showing ones feelings is a courageous act that I can’t do.

“Disappointment doesn’t kill, but rejection kills”…. From a movie

Pride is an extra weight that a proud person can never get off his shoulder.

I quit reading the papers years ago… it’ s a real torture to absorb all the sadness while knowing there is nothing I can do. it’s better not to know than knowing and sit still.

I have a feeling that I am really running out of .. PATIENCE.

The returning visits and hits I found in my blog counter really amaze me, always make me curious … who are these people, why do they visit and never say a word… do they come for me or may be there is a link in my blog they use and never bother reading.

At the farewell party of my ex-boss, he thanked me , I was so moved by that … weird enough, I can’t recall a word. In fact I don’t think I even heard what he said …

In the team building day, I realized how different I am .. tried to pretend that I am comfortable as if I belong. Tried to show them the real me but there was a hinder that I couldn’t get over.

What happens if you have an ample supply of feelings stored for a long time? … it dries.

I always miss the hints, give the impression that I don’t care, then understand when it’s too late.
Spring and summer are not by any mean my favorite times of the year especially in Cairo. I need to travel or blink and find it’s September already.

I can’t claim that I had memories that the sea was part of so how can I explain my obsession with the sea and boats.

Another obsession that I discovered lately thanks to photography … roses.

It’s not impulsiveness that I sometimes to the extreme, it’s passion.

They used to tell us in the exams, start answering the questions you know first…. Now, I don’t have an answer to any of them, from where shall I start?

People go through similar phases and problems; may be that’s what make them feel connected.

Every now and then it’s important to feel the victory of winning … I am thirsty for winning these days.

I keep a distance and build barriers that don’t only block my feelings and thoughts but others’ too. Wish they could smash these barriers … I really can’t do it on my own.

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· Couldn’t believe I don’t remember, I checked … and it was nothing, so that’s why I forgot.
· The ones with goals don’t see they are approaching and getting closer to achieve them, and when they reach them, they are either tired or don’t think they were good enough.
· Some people only see who needs them and never see what they have already given… “Their good is better and their better is the best” .
· The story of a little girl who tried to help everyone in her way till she needed help, then she got all the support from them in her way back … is very true.
· If you want to judge a person, just look at yourself when he/she is around.
· Don’t look at the mirror a lot; you do look different to everyone.
· Some people look you in the eye and see thorough your heart and others just love to see their reflection in your eyes.
· “Can we feel your heart or does it beat for you alone” … from a song.
· Are years calculated, counted or felt?
· I keep bumping into the same people what a coincidence and yet whom I would like to be seeing is probably in Mars.
· Don’t punish dear ones by getting apart, it will hurt you more.
· It’s all about acceptance. Don’t know if being in denial can provide the time to develop acceptance or it’s an intermediate stage between the initial bad news and the real shock.
· As much as I know, it might sound weird, I don’t want to work.
· I am so bad with details; it’s more convenient to see the whole picture instead. Details are so many to be covered, no wonder the details oriented people are frustrated or always in a hurry.
· Love is not blind. we all have flaws .. but the flaws of whom we love are cute.
· There is something much worse than a mean person … a fake sweet person.
· Please tell me the truth, I can handle anything but lies.
· Results are not important as long as you have tried.
· I have learned not to say ”I don’t know”; If someone else could … I can.

Enough for now, will go to sleep 🙂

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