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Blessed Days…


Ramadan is only days away, I am so happy like a little child and of course I got the fanous 😀

I started to feel the bless, peace and spirituality of the holly month already, I can smell its scent and see the light it shines through the hearts and deeds of those who have started to prepare food items bags for the poor, and setting the tables in the streets for Iftar.

Ramadan beautiful sceneries:

A friend of mine went yesterday with some other friends to buy the food items for Ramadan bags, the first surprise was when they got a very good discount since the purpose was to help the poor. When they went to the parking lot to do the sorting and packing an old man they didn’t know came out of nowhere urged and begged them to take money from him and buy more items.

Another thing I love is praying Keyam at the mosque, from the moment you enter and before the prayers get started, you get to see people getting in smiling and greeting each other as if they know them. Little girls helping the elder ladies in carrying their chairs and helping them. And others offering water and juice packs during the break.

The flood of tears while praying and reciting Quran and the amazing serenity after it.

The modesty and compassion that governs how people dress and act.

At fast breaking times where people are staying in the streets with water and dates to give to those who are late from their homes.

People competing for more thawab (reward), willing to become better and thinking of the new year’s resolutions.

Neighbors sharing food, recipes and tips with each other.

Family gatherings and staying up late till Sohoor.

I am so excited and I am thinking about what activities I am going to participate in, there are a lot of thing in a limited time, .. the food bank, Resala, Ramadan bags preparations and distribution (probably next Saturday isA).

اللهم بلغنا رمضان، اللهم بلغنا رمضان، اللهم بلغنا رمضان
اللهم طهر أقوالنا من النفاق و أعمالنا من الرياء
اللهم إنك عفو كريم تحب العفو فأعف عنا

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When `Umar, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the second Caliph, drove the Roman legions out of Jerusalem, the Muslims were welcomed as liberators.

Even though the Muslims had conquered the land, they were not allowed to look upon the inhabitants of the land as their enemies. Their enemies were only the Romans who had aggressed against them.

When `Umar entered Jerusalem as a conqueror, he came humbly and instead of dictating harsh terms to the people, brought a treaty that guaranteed the people of Jerusalem, who were predominantly Christian, their safety and freedom from all persecution.

The following is from the treaty that he drafted for them:

“This is what `Umar, the Commander of the Faithful, grants to the people in peace. He grants them the safety of their persons, their churches, and their crosses… their churches will not be shut down nor destroyed. Nothing will be taken from them or from their crosses. They will not be compelled to abandon their faith nor shall any one of them be abused.”

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More about Hijab

It liberates you from the shackles of self-glorification and self-beautification and takes you out into a world where people are respected for who they are and what they make of themselves.”The hijab makes a woman feel safe. Safe from crime, molestation, abuse and rape. Is there a better tool for women empowerment.
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My own thought: How it feels like ???

It feels like I am precious and I am protecting that beauty and only offer it to who deserves upon my own wish.

It’s feels like … I have brains and feelings, I am not just a picture to be looked at.

It’s feels like … a queen who is guarded and no one can take a glipse of her beauty and violate her privacy.

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Again… it’s not that I am a Muslim or an Arab, It’s about humanity.

(World Horrified by Beit Hanun Massacre )

(Israel hits fighter’s house in Gaza)

I can’t even comment on that, I do also know that no one wants to hear and endure the fact that … . We are doomed to live furious, heart ached and MUTE or else we are SHUSHED.

Aren’t we ??? But on what cost …

Palestinian healthcare under siege

I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight. ” Malcom X

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Would like to begin with this quote “There is nothing to fear except the persistent refusal to find out the truth, the persistent refusal to analyze the causes of happenings”.

I have said it before … what I write is purely love driven, but the pain of putting up with lies and false claims have had it with me and can no longer bear the silence that costs innocent people their lives and deprives them from the world’s support and consideration.

Won’t try to impose my point of view or be defensive … will just try to highlight some facts and leave it up to you.

Countering Zionist propaganda about Hizbullah and Lebanon

WHO ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS? (warning .. .the article contains strong photos)

You Can Not Kill Us All (listen to that interview)

Ahmad’s diary of Israel’s War on Lebanon!

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I am sorry!

There has been a very sensitive issue and a very delicate as well that I couldn’t write about till now.

May be because it has generated a huge amount of feelings that I could grasp or express. Especially that it has been followed by the great tragedy of the ferry.

It’s about ProphetMohammed (SAAW). I saw this girl on TV in one of the protests crying so hard . And I knew how she feels. After all these years and after what he (SAAW) has been through for us. and for the sake of Islam.

The person that I ask god to grant me the honor of seeing in heaven isA. The honest and truthful person who taught us to be better people. We have learned the love and compassion form him. Allah almighty has sent him to guide us, to show us the light and he did.

I am confessing that we make mistakes; we are not exactly how we should be. And some of us Muslims have showed a negative image about Islam that we are against.

But it doesn’t give the right to those ignorant people to attack our role model, this offence is unacceptable. They have apologized … that’s not a generosity from them or anything, it was what they had to do.

But what I want to say here, that I am sorry … please all MUSLIM people we are the ones who should apologize to our dear profit, we should have been better than that, we should have showed what you have taught us dear Mohammed (SAAW).

I looked at people around me and I am really sorry they behave like that, and I am sorry for their hollow hearts that it should have been filled with faith.

I am sorry that I got too indulged with work and life activities and I no longer read Koran on a daily basis. I am sorry that I only pray foroud and I don’t pray your sonna dear Prophet.

I am sorry that I thought as long as I am not doing something wrong, that’s enough … while I haven’t thought what right things should I do besides avoiding the wrong.

I once had the opportunity to teach a polish friend of mine Koran ( 3 soras) after she declared her Islam and it was wonderful. And I am sorry I no longer do that.

I am sorry I was trying to be someone I am not to feel that I belong and I failed. I don’t have to belong to these people, speacking their language and perform the basic rituals and that’s it.

No the real worship is in the heart as long as you can always feel it in your heart … you are on the right track.

Hope all Muslims think about themselves, what they do and what they have been missing and apologize as well in front of god and be very sure Allah will forgive.

” نستغفرك يا الله و نتوب اليك، فتب علينا”

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Why do we love, you should ask yourself this question before rushing in and consider yourself in love, some people say we just have feelings, so another question arises do these feelings exist because you are a passionate person and you are looking for someone to just pour your feelings into the relationship and eliminate their burden from your chest,

Or the feelings that you have were generated from someone’s existence in your life, then you ask again are they mutual, if they are , that means the seed is there, so you just have to wait for it to grow and you will see the fruits by your own eyes, but if it’s one sided, you will find that your were trying to water the sand not a seed , and will never have anything out of it.

So be careful before you start investing your feelings make sure that the seed is there, because otherwise it’s just a waste.

Islamic religion has some provisions concerning having feelings for someone, the great thing about it is that it didn’t deny the person’s right from having feelings for someone, but how to express it , that ‘s where the restrictions are. And the right ways is well known to everybody.

Love is a great feeling but it requires attention and understanding, because it’s a double edged weapon, it can hurt and it can heal… so use it very wisely.


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