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For the first time in my life I actually saw a rainbow yesterday. Was stuck in 6th Oct bridge’s traffic about 4:30pm. I looked at the sky and there it was.
A strange feeling of happiness crept inside me, I smiled and wished for more rain.

The feeling wasn’t strange, It was surprisingly familiar … like seeing someone for the first time but deep inside you feel that you just know him.
It’s not a Deja Vu kind of thing. It’s more of a new experience to the senses that has been introduced long before to the heart.

I felt that rainbow before, the sad nights and silent tears, followed by a little prayer before I sleep. Waking up the next day with an amazing feeling of relief, peace and hope.

Yes hope is the rainbow and it does exhibit its full stream of colors only after some darkness, heavy stormy rain and faith.

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears“. ~ John Vance

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Blessed Days…


Ramadan is only days away, I am so happy like a little child and of course I got the fanous 😀

I started to feel the bless, peace and spirituality of the holly month already, I can smell its scent and see the light it shines through the hearts and deeds of those who have started to prepare food items bags for the poor, and setting the tables in the streets for Iftar.

Ramadan beautiful sceneries:

A friend of mine went yesterday with some other friends to buy the food items for Ramadan bags, the first surprise was when they got a very good discount since the purpose was to help the poor. When they went to the parking lot to do the sorting and packing an old man they didn’t know came out of nowhere urged and begged them to take money from him and buy more items.

Another thing I love is praying Keyam at the mosque, from the moment you enter and before the prayers get started, you get to see people getting in smiling and greeting each other as if they know them. Little girls helping the elder ladies in carrying their chairs and helping them. And others offering water and juice packs during the break.

The flood of tears while praying and reciting Quran and the amazing serenity after it.

The modesty and compassion that governs how people dress and act.

At fast breaking times where people are staying in the streets with water and dates to give to those who are late from their homes.

People competing for more thawab (reward), willing to become better and thinking of the new year’s resolutions.

Neighbors sharing food, recipes and tips with each other.

Family gatherings and staying up late till Sohoor.

I am so excited and I am thinking about what activities I am going to participate in, there are a lot of thing in a limited time, .. the food bank, Resala, Ramadan bags preparations and distribution (probably next Saturday isA).

اللهم بلغنا رمضان، اللهم بلغنا رمضان، اللهم بلغنا رمضان
اللهم طهر أقوالنا من النفاق و أعمالنا من الرياء
اللهم إنك عفو كريم تحب العفو فأعف عنا

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I don’t know is it Spring that affects my mood or the mood swings I am experiencing are generated from within.

Over the past days, the weather has been unbelievable erratic to the extent that the fours seasons were very clearly witnessed in just one day.
Which was the case with me too, in one day and for no good reason I am suddenly… happy, nervous, calm, irritated, want to cry, want to scream, very sympathetic, mean, … it’s crazy,,, isn’t it.

Will start my HR classes next month isA and now I am searching for a job in that domain to back up my studies and change my career. Doesn’t seem easy though.

Summer is arriving this year with some old breeze from the 80s, didn’t you notice?
For may be the first time, I feel like I have had enough of coldness and looking forward to summer with all the exaggeration it brings.

Here is a question what comes to your mind when you think summer?
I personally think… vacation, salt water, humid air, the aroma of mango and guava, stylish yet comfortable clothes with shinny colors, tanned skin, melon, cantaloupe and kiwi. Sunny hot weather, night outings, walks and swimming.

Nesrina, back to work!

Update: there is a butterfly in my office, how pretty!

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Spring Time

Finally went for an hour to “Orman” garden, to see the spring festival there and took some photos .. here are they:


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One of the undeniable features of February, it’s nice I can’t argue… to see the store displays elegantly covered with red, it radiates warmth over the grey cold winter.
Tulips , roses… . , surprises, bears and gift boxes.

Despite the fact that this particular day has no significant to me, but it’s an opportunity to see something special.

Last year, I got the weirdest present … I received a phone call from “A” urging to leave me something at the company’s security office, I said sure you can. Couldn’t stop thinking and imagining.
Till he showed up and gave me “Dark City” movie on DVD, unwrapped and in a broken case… ?!!! (It didn’t upset me, in fact I found it funny… but sure we no longer talk :D)

Note to the guys: please wrap the gifts nicely… it’s as much important as the gift itself, get something simple, elegant and symbolic. (don’t spend a lot, think a lot).

Wonderful wishes to you all 😀

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Happy Feast

The wonderful month has flew, I began experiencing the new job ,,, will not judge it now still I need more time so I see the whole picture but one apparent aspect should be taken into consideration, it’s not going to be easy and the working hours as I heard are “Illusion” .. “sigh”.

Anyways, I am so excited about the feast. I wanted to travel to Alex so much but it wasn’t possible. My childhood memories about the feasts were mostly in Alex or my grand ma’s villa.

Another thing I love about the Eid, that sometimes it’s just a cause to call or even sms someone you haven’t talked to in a while.
By the way this Eid’s most surprising and nice sms I got was from Omar (my ex boss).

I couldn’t make much plans as the vacation is two days only.
We will start with Eid prayer. This wonderful, pleasant, rewarding and phenomenal experience. Where all people are gathered with no difference what so ever. Reciting the same words of thanks and gratitude to Allah at the same time.
No walls and no ceiling, only the sky and the sunrise crawling very slowly and spectacularly to add to the spiritual atmosphere, happy and smiling faces of people. Then family short visits and gatherings and after that friends time… :).

Happy feast to you all.

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Below is the original post about the nice outing.
I am glad I had the opportunity to be there.


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What do I know to anticipate that something will go wrong, try to avoid a person or skip an event. I have learned today that being out there and facing what is meant to be encountered is just much fulfilling and comforting.
Worst case scenario, when things don’t go the way we wished to , we only get to live it once, dump the bitter part of the bad memory/incident, keep the part where the lesson was and just move on. On the contrary, trying to maneuver and escape the piece that is expected to be undesirable will only consume our brains and feelings, the negative assumptions and phobic thoughts will just take over for good as we never get a closure to this subject except that we think it’s over but you never know. It’s a small world and what was avoided can just emerge when it’s least expected not to mention the good unexpected twist that could have been missed.

In short I went to my farewell gathering tonight, it was surprisingly beautiful. Everyone was so nice, warm and concerned. Now I can say there is really no hard feelings, every negative thought I used to have, has totally been wiped off.
I am really so relieved to have the chance to have a wonderful closure. And walk away with such an exhilarating experience.

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Ramadan Memories

It’s not much of a thing, just felt like writing my very simple memories about ramadan in the Egyptian colloquial language. My sweet sister hosted me in her pink blog …Ooooops planet (Sorry Nerro, It’s a planet I know :D)

It’s how I felt them. (here).

Here is Ramadan Gana song for download (thanks to Hossam)

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I am not a summer person by all means. I do love this month so much may be because of the beautiful memories that I have related to school and college…
I wrote a post a year ago and was surprised that the same feelings are coming back to me.
One good advantage of blogging is keeping track of some events and thoughts.
I got this idea of thinking about what each month represents to me, let’s try it out:
(Warning … it’s very simple and childish 🙂

September: Reminds me of how things were when I was younger … the stationery, school uniform, pack bags, shoes, books, …
October: things get calmer and the day gets shorter … wonderful strolls in the morning.
November: Just wait for it to rain … for me it’s like an official announcement of winter.
December: woolen clothes and boots, I love winter outfits, they are always dressy and I believe I look my best in winter.. .so do most of people, you don’t see sweaty people in the street. Don’t know everything looks classy in winter.
January: gets colder and colder, in Egypt that’s the coldest month of all. It rains more often as well. At night there is nothing better than a family or friends evening watching TV or talking with the heater on, drinking hot chocolate.
Cinnamon rolls or chocolate cake are always very much recommended in such evenings 🙂
February: Still cold with brighter, sunny mornings.
March: It’s for me the complete opposite of September, it announces that the spring is just around the corner … the weather is wild and unpredictable with sand storms.
People complain about the weather, allergies, dust … I noticed that it’s not only my mood is affected but most of people as well.
April: we get used a little to the warmer weather and begin to appreciate that green color taking over and wonderful flowers glowing under the golden rays of the sun.
May: what can I say … I have to like it, My twin sister and I were born in May 🙂
June: Hot June, the day time is getting longer and it’s summer holiday for school students, everywhere is crowded and the traffic becomes horrific.
July: Oh Hotter… one thing you can do to make it better… RUN, seriously traveling to the north coast or Alex becomes a must to take a break and escape from the heat.
August: THE HOTTEST but knowing that September will follow makes it pass. This month is like preparing to hibernate. Whoever haven’t get the chance to travel, he travels as of it’s forbidden to travel to coastal cities after this month.

Apart from this calendar .. there comes Ramadan, at a different timing each year but it deserves a post of its own.

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Yesterday was really hectic at work. I was trying my best to leave on time as I was going to meet Rain, Moon and Nerro. That really gave me a push.
Then came the best part of the day. By the time I arrived at the Café the girls were there.
I was so happy to finally meet them in person. they are just like their blogs; Rain is calm, mature and sweet and Moon is active, amusing and has a lovely personality.
I personally didn’t feel that I am meeting them for the first time, we talked about a lot of things and we laughed. The blogs were one of the main subjects and bloggers as well ;).
Hope we can make it again isA.
Many thanks girls.

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I am a messy, sometimes clumsy person myself. but I always do my best to be no trouble for anyone. So I might drop my silverware in a formal dinner, take time to recognize the fish fork … spill something from my plate on the table cloth or me although I try very hard to place the napkin on my lap so I won’t ruin my outfit. But what I drop always finds a way to land on my skirt or pants. So I do irritate myself not anybody else.
But what surprises me based on previous incidents are :
– When someone approaches so much to talk to me: come on people give me a space. And no it’s not ok if it’s a woman.
– When we are having lunch or dinner with a variety of people and all of a sudden someone begins to smoke without even asking. Usually I don’t continue eating and of course I don’t say the real reason when I am asked, I just say “I’m full”.
– Shared plates (salads, appetizers, etc …), are sometimes disastrous; people pick things from the plate using their hands !. Other cases, they use their own fork, the one they are eating with. Some people do that while they know it’s unacceptable and try to cover it by saying lame statements like “ oh yummy” ! or “ God I love it, can’t wait” or “I just can’t stop eating” .
– When someone try to reach for something and leans over the table as if there is a starvation and it’s the only plate in the whole world, sacrificing people whom he might be leaning on, or his tie that is dipped in someone else’s soup.
– There are another kind who loves you to try the food first and stare at you, trying to comprehend from the facial expressions if the food is tasty or not. And sometimes ask if they can try it from your plate before ordering it !.
– Picky eaters : few of my friends are; they really torture the waiters … asking for the impossible and finally nothing is good enough. Some of them are the “extras freaks” (they like extra everything) or the “without freaks” , I do belong to the “without freaks” kind. except that I forget to tell the waiter, and always become surprised by onions or garlic but because of the hard time I know the waiter had. I decide to just eat. I ear onions and garlic but not in public places, I don’t order plates with strong smells.
– Dinning tables are no place to discuss digestion problems. There is another cozy place that everyone can think ALONE about these problems. And if the problem persists he can go to a doctor.
– Last thing, a quiet peaceful or even silent dinner is so much appreciated. Let’s view it like that: talking is the complete opposite of eating (especially big chunks). So there is always a compromise , or you can always alternate a piece of food … then a sentence. It’s not too hard.

Finally that doesn’t happen a lot by the way, but it always happens when it’s not expected.

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