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For the first time in my life I actually saw a rainbow yesterday. Was stuck in 6th Oct bridge’s traffic about 4:30pm. I looked at the sky and there it was.
A strange feeling of happiness crept inside me, I smiled and wished for more rain.

The feeling wasn’t strange, It was surprisingly familiar … like seeing someone for the first time but deep inside you feel that you just know him.
It’s not a Deja Vu kind of thing. It’s more of a new experience to the senses that has been introduced long before to the heart.

I felt that rainbow before, the sad nights and silent tears, followed by a little prayer before I sleep. Waking up the next day with an amazing feeling of relief, peace and hope.

Yes hope is the rainbow and it does exhibit its full stream of colors only after some darkness, heavy stormy rain and faith.

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears“. ~ John Vance


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My sister calls me Garfield because she sees me as a lazy person. In fact I kind of am a lazy person as far as preference is concerned, but life doesn’t always offer such a luxury.
Besides, laziness requires great deal of relaxation and it can’t be attained while your mind is continuously working which is my case.

If you ask me, what would I do to relax (imaginary speaking) I’d say…

Get myself a huge trampoline and place it in a garden or something and keep bouncing and bouncing (remember “Big” movie) till I run out of energy, thoughts, worries and stop feeling anything then fell asleep.

Open my eyes the next morning, sees greenery all around and a beautiful blue sky.
Head to my house, have a shower, breakfast with family and look at my day’s schedule and find it BLANK!

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I really wish I could have my own business, a family business, a small project, … and live somewhere coastal, beautiful, and quiet like Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada.

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Humming ” Somewhere Over the rainbow … “, wondering and murmuring “I have been there may be it didn’t last but I felt it, very few times and for a very brief period”.

It’s not easy getting there, the materialistic stressful daily life, problems and heartaches that we will be facing as long as we shall live on earth shades its beauty but eventually the light just shines through.

It is visible, just open your eyes, see the beauty … the beauty that resides in the heart, colors the eyes and is reflected on what you see. Ugliness doesn’t embody anyone or anything, it possesses the eyes of the hard hearted ones and deprive them of seeing beauty.

This somewhere also has another name, it’s called “Happiness”, this priceless gift.
An overpowering feeling that takes you away from everything and makes you literally fly, fill your heart and makes you want to take some of it and sprinkle in the sky to share it with the whole universe.

You can never be alone in that particular place, “loneliness” is not included in its dictionary. I have prayed before for some people when I knew they were going through a tough time to ease up their problems and I wished their sadness would go away. I so wanted them with me .. up there, over the rainbow. And though I wasn’t there yet but I wanted to reach and wanted to take all of them with me.
Seeing someone dear in pain is just harder than enduring the pain yourself.

So make the effort and seize any opportunity, hide from all the problems and figure out how can you reach there, take the hands of your loved ones, makes their day and head to a brief journey that may take seconds to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.

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