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My opinion is, Egypt didn’t play the role that was required from it during the Lebanese crisis causing great frustration and anger among Egyptians and generating many questions, energy and willingness to do anything to help our brothers and sisters .Watching from a distance was a nerve wrecking experience.
But the initiative to dedicate a hall in Ard El Ma3ared for Lebanon has given us the opportunity to share, help and participate … it’s the least. But we needed it.
I went last Sunday, yesterday and today … you can see the improvement yourself, watching the number of volunteers increasing everyday. Not to mention the trucks and the boxes inside the hall pilling up and occupying more space everyday, and knowing when did the plane leave to deliver the stuff there. Mashaa Allah !
Yesterday and today when we left, we were really worried and kind of sad that we got so tired and couldn’t continue helping the guys, still a lot to be done.
They all work very seriously, no talking, no time wasted, only workers getting the stuff out of the trucks and volunteers carrying, packing and labeling them.
When we reached there yesterday, we arrived at nearly 7pm, the guys were packing cheese, so in order to do that we had to carry them and put them in a spot across the hall. My friend (S) found out that our role was to pick up the cheese packs from one place to the other to be labeled … she looked at me and said “you said packing.. it’s not what we are doing”.
Today, was truly packing, …. After a while she told me “yesterday was easier, she
Looked extremely tired but she looked and said …still a lot of stuff, we have to come tomorrow. We came back sweaty and tired but we were happy.
If you are still wondering what can do, please go there it’s Ard El Ma3ared – Nasr City, volunteer and give the guys a hand. Another thing, if you would like to share with purchasing stuff, I asked the Organizer there (his name is Gehad) and he told me they are short in Baby food (Gerber).

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That was the Egyptian women’s demonstration that took place yesterday August 2nd ,2006

Still to come … the demonstration of August 6th,2006 , let’s all be there…

We must be heard, the war has got to stop.

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“Your Perception Creates Your Reality”
I heard this sentence years ago and the more I think about it the greater I believe in what it emphasizes. I wrote it yesterday on the bulletin board and when they saw it they didn’t react , nothing has been said but today I found one of my colleagues commenting and saying the following “I began to believe in the quote that you have written “ and my answer yes it ‘s so much true isn’t it? He said that he once met an old guy who told him that there are two kinds of people in this world the first kind are those reasonable people who try to adapt themselves with the world around them and the second kind are those who are unreasonable who try to adapt the world around them to themselves and then he asked whom do you think that the world’s belong to … my answer was the reasonable ones he said NO and then I realized that the world does not belong to those who strive to do what the surroundings dictate but rather to those who create their own worlds…


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