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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”


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About six months ago Norm has left me a valuable comment that I kept thinking of , saved it and considered it one of the most wonderful truthful quotes I have ever known.
Many thanks Norm.

“When one good friend leaves your life another seems to enter and fill the same space…I think we are all one spirit and that the parts of that spirit that you need at any time will find you. “

Youssef also has left me a comment on my post “Quotes” that had wonderful other quotes that I so wanted to thank him for. they are as follows:

“They say that kids tell the truth, but am I a child too when I tell you that I love you enormously ?”

“أشفق و حقد و رغب و عزف و غاب و رجع دون جدوى”

“When I hear somebody sigh ‘Life is hard’, I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?”

“He can do more for others who has done most with himself”.

“I’m a killer, i kill people for money, but you are my friend I KILL YOU FOR FREE !!”

“To look life in the face…always…to look life in the face…and to know it…for what it is…and at last to know it…to love it…for what it is…and then…to put it away”.

Lasto-adri *Blue*:

“Accept everything about yourself — I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end — no apologies, no regrets.”

“Whatever you fear the most you attract into your life and whatever you expect the most, you also attract into your life as well”


“when you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you”

” Love is like a plant that needs care and tenderness but it dies immidiatly if you forget it”


من وجد الله ماذا فقد؟ ومن فقد الله ماذا وجد؟


“Common sense is very uncommon””Friendship is like a bank account, you can’t continue to draw from it without making deposits”

Thanks dear friends I do appreicate what you share with me.

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These are quotes Ilike from movies but I couldn’t help not commenting on some of them.

“More real to me than anything I’ve ever known”.

“Sometimes feel as if I’m invisible, as if no one can see me at all”.
Sometimes it is just what I want….

“How’s your sunset?
It’s perfect.
I only wish you were here to share it with me”.
Hope you were watching the same sunset even if you are far.

“One man I can never meet. Him, I would like to give my whole heart to”.
Can’t say “never”.

“I’ve been trying to forget you and forgive you”.
Forgive you for being so good to be true.

“Let me let you go”.

“Over the mysteries of female life there is drawn a veil, best left undisturbed”.

“Someday you’ll find a man, a good man, and you’ll love him, and marry him, and live and die for him”.
Where are you …

“I shall be homesick for you even in Heaven”.
Hope you will be there “M”.

“Your heart understood mine. In the depth of the fragrant night, I listened with ravished soul to your beloved voice. Your heart understood mine”.

“At night my mind would come alive with voices and stories as real to me as any in the real world. I gave myself up to it, longing for transformation”.

“True or False: All’s fair in love and war”.

“My heart is, and always will be, yours”.

“Neither of us have anything to tell. I because I conceal nothing and you because you communicate nothing”.
I concealed and you didn’t communicate…

“There is a painful difference between the expectation of an unpleasant event and its final certainty”.
There lies a brief space of denial in the middle.

“What’s it like not to feel anything?”
Don’t feel anything at all.

“You know what it is? … It’s my heart, and its broken”.

“Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts the most”.

“And you’ll just forget about me, right? … every day”.

And when i think of you i fall in love again
A love so beautiful in every way
A love so beautiful we let it slip away (a song).

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Dear …

Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.


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Dear …

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time” Andre Gide

I have always tried to be brave and forced myself to discover and explore new lands.

I knew there is a risk but I didn’t want anything to hinder this exploration process or journey. but what I discovered after my ship has already sailed is that I may have the will but I don’t have the strength, I have been away from the shore for quite some time and I am tired of being lost. From day one in this journey I didn’t know where I am heading I wasn’t leading, I completely surrendered to the winds.

I love the sea but it’s the land where I belong even the will that I thought I have was generated from outside factors, I must say it wasn’t a will … I was pushed.

I am sure that things happen for a reason and I know it’s going to be for the best..I hope.

I always find it hard to ask for help, I expect help when I think it’s pretty noticeable that I have a problem and wait to be saved without asking , do we wait for someone drowning to ask for help or we just do it because it’s obvious … that’s what I expect.

There’s only god who I can ask very proudly and I know that I will be saved.


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Dear …

I have been thinking about a quote that says:

“I don’t see things, I see through things”… by Edvard Munch

I don’t know what did he mean and what were those things? I have always been seeing things differently and I have always been mystified by their impact on me and have never been able to figure out why, may be that’s an answer…Seeing through things.

Everyone loves the greenery and trees but what do you really see when you deeply look at those trees… I see only one thing “longing”, what are they missing I don’t know …do I really feel them or is it just a reflection of some deepest thoughts and feelings that I am not even aware of…may be.

If so how can you explain to me why do the physical appearance and features of the people that we know become different after knowing them, I don’t think that I still see any of the people that I used to know the way I did when I first met them.

I guess it makes a big difference to see a person with the eyes than to see with the heart, and even bigger difference to see what’s inside his heart.

People are too busy and occupied with many things that they are not able to see through and feel their surroundings but if they do they will find answers to all the questions that they were asking themselves.

I can recall a lot of situations where I acted in a way that is completely the opposite of what I was feeling at that moment in order to veil my insecurities and anxieties or even my fears and weakness that I seemed very strong and confident in an attempt to defend the weak part that is hidden inside.. I believe I am not the only one.

Munch was an artist and he led a difficult life, I am not sure if that was the reason for him to “see through things” but what I am sure of that the eyes can never see as much as the heart can do.

See you,

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“Your Perception Creates Your Reality”
I heard this sentence years ago and the more I think about it the greater I believe in what it emphasizes. I wrote it yesterday on the bulletin board and when they saw it they didn’t react , nothing has been said but today I found one of my colleagues commenting and saying the following “I began to believe in the quote that you have written “ and my answer yes it ‘s so much true isn’t it? He said that he once met an old guy who told him that there are two kinds of people in this world the first kind are those reasonable people who try to adapt themselves with the world around them and the second kind are those who are unreasonable who try to adapt the world around them to themselves and then he asked whom do you think that the world’s belong to … my answer was the reasonable ones he said NO and then I realized that the world does not belong to those who strive to do what the surroundings dictate but rather to those who create their own worlds…


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