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Suddenly she was alone in a canoe, couldn’t remember when did she come or how.
The sun was turning into light orange and the sides of the river were guarded with darker greens. She closed her eyes and saw nothing but carroty beams of light, carroty as in color and as in sweet.
The sun announced its departure, had an appointment at the other side of the world.
Got smaller and smaller, darker and darker… , the wind quietly began to blow and the sky started to regain its blue gradients pulling the last rays from the shriveled sun.
She could hear the sound of the friction and could see the detachment of the red and the blue.

A tender voice started to sing, so deep and so far, but soothing and comforting… she looked around to see where was it coming from, while it began to get clearer and louder. She turned and found him right behind her, shockingly …she tried to ask but
his song just swept her of her feet, didn’t give her the chance to say a word.
It was an extraordinary song, so new to her ears as if words and music have just been invented but was so familiar to her heart as if its lyrics were hidden all that time in her chest without her knowing.
She started humming and then singing … . They formed a duet.
The song drifted her away and so did the canoe, she looked at her hand thinking she was holding something but it was empty… warm, a bit reddish but empty.
She forgot all about the paddles…, one of them was lost, probably slipped of her hand and fell into the water and the other was seated in the hull. But the canoe continued its way to the next bank.
It got chillier but she was feeling warmer and happier than she has ever been. She also felt prettier and that was true … her face was bursting radiance, glow and blush.
The charming sunset scene exceptionally took longer than it usually does. Celebrating and fighting the dark shades from coming and running the image.
The last flock of leaving bird has passed, the wind blows got tougher and the splashing of currents started hitting their boat.
Night crawled suddenly as the canoe was approaching to the bank, their voices faded and the song ended.

She felt awkward and got off the boat very quickly, she didn’t know what to say or what to do…
She noticed that two men were looking at the canoe and talking, thought they could be talking about them.
But they didn’t try to stop their talk as she was getting near them. They didn’t seem to care.
She continued moving towards them till she was actually just beside them while they were still murmuring … they then shook hands and one of them said “ as you see this canoe hasn’t moved an inch since a month and I am counting on you to have it as good as new”.

Right then she realized that the canoe, sunset and startling beauty
Were all part of a vision and so was she.


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Once upon a time

She was a character in a big book that was kept closed, untouched for years. Till one day she decided to become a real girl and get out of this book, like Pinocchio, she heard about him as one of the characters told her about him when she was just some words in the book. She didn’t think she was real enough being locked in the book.

She remained for years thinking and collecting her inner strength till one day she made it. She came out, looked around and found herself in a house just similar to the one in she used to live in the book.

Everything was exactly the same except that they were just black letters typed on white pages, that her imagination has colored the way they were in reality.
While surfing the room with her eyes, she found a mirror, she ran to see her reflected picture and that was the only thing that she has never visualized.
She didn’t have a clear perception of what is beautiful and what isn’t.
Words were different, there were long or short, difficult or easy, correct or wrongly typed…

She used to see colors within the black and white world she used to live in, so colors were not a new concept to her heart as it has been to her sight sense.
She was also able to see shapes and to feel everything, the seasons, the light and love.

She noticed a big library in the room with a considerable number of nicely organized set of books; she looked at them with sympathy rather than pity and imagined the imprisoned characters inside them, wondered if she can liberate them.

She grabbed a book opened the first page to see how the story starts and to her surprise, it didn’t begin with “once upon a time”.
She thought all the books are stories and all the stories are fairy tales.

She continued flipping the pages, reading a page after another, peeked at the end and didn’t find “lived happily ever after”.
It was a whole new meaning to her to realize that not all books are about prince and princesses, to find deeper and diversified meanings and learn them.
She checked another book and another book and another till she fell asleep.

The next morning, she got this idea of reading the book she came from, the other characters as well as hers, she was so curious to know whether she was a leading character, or just a secondary role with a marginal significance.

She started reading again, holding her breath, and got extremely thrilled when she found it was a story, and it began with “Once upon a time”. She also discovered that she was among the main characters. She had a great deal of love in her heart to the others and was loved and appreciated in return.

She continued reading very hastly as if her eyes were racing the words and the lines. She was anxious to see if there were princes and princesses like the classic stories. There were shadows of the noble, genuine knights but were all just illusions.

She was looking for a man of her dreams and he was never a prince nor a shepherd, he was a courageous loving knight.
The day flew with no trace of such a knight and almost half the book was over.
She put the book aside and wondered how the rest of the story would be.
Will she find him or won’t she.

Deep down, she so wanted to find him. Wanted the story to be a fairy tale and the end would be “they lived happily ever after.

She got scared, managed to read some more pages till she could no longer see the words, as if they have converted into another language or other symbols with no meaning the lines started to collapse and what was left … just white pages with black spots all over.

She tried to find an explanation but was finally convinced that it’s good once in a while to sit, review, and analyze one’s life, see the big picture from a distance.

At this very moment she could see that this book is life, she took a deep breath, jumped and sank into the book once again to be able to live it and no matter what the end will be, she will be happy and content that she has lived it.

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The story begins one sunny day on a beach, saw beautiful castles built on the sand. I guess I couldn’t recognize the fact that they were not real, they were built for fun and no one ever thought that they could be inhabited.
Dreamt of having a home of my own, not necessarily as big or beautiful as those castles and told myself no matter how humble it’s going to be I will love it because I have made it.
Started to think of the shape of the castle I am going to build, got carried away … lost track of time. Forgot about the other castles and people.
The materials I used were sand, water, passion, dreams and love. My little castle started to take its shape. Wished to get some help but no one offered any…. have to admit I was too proud to ask.
Never lost hope that the one meant to share with me the castle would show up and get the castle done together.
Everyday I used to say he is coming tomorrow … started to get tired. And one day just saw someone standing near me, knew from the first moment that he is like no one else, felt as if I have seen him before, the guy of my dreams came out of my dreams and stood in front of me.
I was thrilled and the way he looked at me was as if he knew me too. Paused for a minute without saying a word till I felt it’s awkward but in my heart I just felt …he is the one.
He never got any nearer but his presence gave me a big push. I worked harder and harder but kept wondering why he is keeping a distance. Is he waiting for a sign from me… what sort of sign does he need. Wouldn’t that be against my pride ? finally just prayed he comes and decided to keep working.
Fell asleep and dreamt that the castle was built and became the most wonderful castle of them all. It was so warm and cozy, went to check out the rooms inside… loved everything about it, the colors, simplicity, an enchanting sunset view from the window, a very soft sound of music that I couldn’t tell where is it coming from and the smell of freshly baked vanilla flavored cookies.
Got outside, looked at the direction of the sea , felt it was farther .. watched the sun getting smaller and turning into a darker orange color while sinking gracefully in the sea. Turned my head and looked around the castle and instead of the sand there was a very nice garden with white and pink roses across all sides and reddish brown rectangular pots of lavender and parsley near all the windows. While exploring the garden I happened to spot just one blue Iris flower in the middle of the greenery. Couldn’t overlook the feeling that it’s sad and lonely and for a reason I empathized with it.
I went and touched it very gently and all of the sudden, I found it aging, drying and wrinkling … the very smooth flower turned to a rough grainy powder in less than a minute. Guess the shock wake me up. Opened my eyes in to realize that it was a just a dream, but felt something in my hand, the same rough grainy powder. it was some grains of sand and found my castle all washed out. Just mild traces left.
No one was still on the beach, it was so cold and the sky was cloudy. Before I could stand up, it started to rain heavily to announce that it was winter already.
Looked further to see if anyone or any of the built castles still exist but they were all gone …
Now that I have learned from the best, I realize that it was all my fault … it’s ok to chase your dream and try to make it real… but sand and water are never the right tools.
How come I wanted something so hard and I didn’t build it as strong as it should have been.

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Empty !

The ship has sailed with no predetermined destination
But an urgency to leave and head to another shore, … another land !
How long will it take? , they said the journey itself is enjoyable.
My worst nightmare was not to be prepared,
Prepared for what ? … didn’t know then.
So I took everything with me to feel secure.
Dreamt of a shore that I have never had a glimpse of.
Couldn’t feel any fear at the beginning.
The sea was calm and the starry nights were enchanting
There were pink shades hanging over everything I see
I could see the mountains from a distance moving as if they are accompanying me.
I began to see something else ….
What is it ? … An island !
As we were getting closer, the wind started to blow.
I got scared a little, took a look at the far island,
Felt better and fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning, had another look … but,
The mountains were no longer seen, they totally vanished
Why did they leave me alone?
And why did they show up in the first place.
Moreover, there wasn’t a trace of an island,
It was just the see and the sky, we were lost in a blue world.
That had no signs, borders or even any other color; only grades of blue.
Couldn’t tell where the sea ends and where the sky begins.
I then knew what I used to see wasn’t yesterday as I thought.
Seems, I totally lost track of time, there has been years.
Looked at other people’s faces and saw them much older,
And saw myself in their eyes getting older as well.
There were some other people on the ship, where did they go?
Where are all my luggage, stuff, dreams, plans and hope … ?
Tried to look for them … asked myself will I still need them.
Found some hope in my soul but there are a lot of things missing.
As if it was leaking and now that I can save the rest,
Still I feel the emptiness.
Didn’t check further…
Decided to keep the faith, and pray to reach the shore someday.
With no dreams … only reality is left.
I am now just wondering … what are left in these luggage?
Is there still anything inside or are they EMPTY?

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Select New Game from the menu, you find a player (yourself and some other people (players) that still don’t know. The basic rule of the game is you have to assign the missions to yourself according to the way that you will choose and therefore you will choose your profession and role in the game. There are many ways, you have many rides, and equipments but again it depends on the role. So you might approach a car and try to drive it and it won’t work. Don’t waste the time. Try to walk or use a bus nearby… there are always alternatives.
The destination is also determined by you. If you find yourself in the wrong place, just move it and don’t stand still.
There were many players who just lost because they got confused and didn’t take any decision till the end of the game, the game has certain duration.
Some other players were impressed with all the buildings, cars, yachts and wanted them all. And they couldn’t concentrate on their way, as their eyes were focused on what they want not how to achieve it.
The other players and who are abided by the same rules … fair enough !

I didn’t know what to choose, my strategy was to spend sometime watching other players and what their options have lead them to, then decide which way I will take.
Before I reach a conclusion, I started to give myself big missions, tried to find a way to achieve them, but I couldn’t. I went and sit aside again thinking, my amended strategy was based on the fact that I lack the experience and the game is hard for me so let’s begin with easy small tasks that will enable me to take bigger ones and at the same time to acquire the experience. That plan really worked but I have was trapped. by the time achieving small missions became of no importance to me and I don’t expect them to increase my score. Moreover, I became old for this phase, I can no longer see the people who were in the same phase they went farther and new ones began to join. so it’s enough for me. I mistakenly thought that being in the same phase and do more missions will give me the enough score that enables me to go to the second level. But I am really bored and may be it’s not going to work this way. The only way out is to try new ways within this level and take risks .. I tried what I liked so why don’t I try what I didn’t like… . I can’t have it ALL.
Bigger missions require time, effort, and something that you like the most to be given up. That’s the key rule.

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Ten years ago, a neighbor that we used to live in our building passed away, she was a very kind lady, we were not friends with her kids but she used to have this motherly attitude towards all the kids. and all the other neighbors used to love her as well (god bless her soul).
She gave my mother a small cactus plant. Since then my mother takes care of it. But the strange thing is, this plant didn’t grow, I know that cactus takes time to grow but it hasn’t changed a bit. still small and is not noticeable compared to the basil that my mom is planting in the balcony. The contrast is high… basil with the beautiful smell, wonderful texture to touch, beautiful green color and this small cactus that looks rough, hurts if touched and has this fading green color. I used to have the feeling that it’s not alive although it didn’t look as it’s dying.
Anyways, my mom never gave up on ever taking care of it. And I discovered that she really loves it… why not, we normally don’t love things because of its beauty or perfection, it’s the meaning or the feeling that we have. Love has a mechanism if I can say that, it’s the object’s significance to us that is absorbed by the heart and reflected back again to the object.
What made me discover that my mom loves this plant is: yesterday when I returned home from work. I found her telling me with a real pleasure that there were small leaves developed from the cactus, I went and had a look and it was true … it’s finally growing. I was happy too …more of the lesson that I have learned.
She loved the plant, just the way it was. She didn’t get bored of taking good care of it while she knew if won’t change. Waiting for ten years didn’t affect or minimize the happiness she felt when it grew. And finally, she wasn’t happy because it will turn to a better plant that decorates the balcony, it was a sign that the plant is alive and isn’t dying.

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It’s lying here on a table, seems it’s an old book I can tell from the fading color of the cover I think the original color was green it’s now grayish olive it’s a bit covered with dust . there are finger prints on it as if someone was trying to wipe off the dust using his own hand. The yellowish pages of the book also indicate that it has been there for a long long time. So what brought it here after all those years? I have never seen it before ..
The room is dark however there is a beam of light coming from the door and it’s reflected on the book… alright stop imagining and visualizing things all what I have been explaining is only in my head.
Wanna know the true story? here you go …
The book to me is something or someone that is always there for whomever is looking for , for those who are willing to reach out and grab it , who really needs it.
The book offers anything that it has and puts itself under your full control and in return it just asks and hopes not to be ever alone…


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