You know what … fairytales aren’t impossible as they say and they could happen bearing in mind that the concept has two flaws.

1- Happy Endings: in movies the loving couple get married… so what’s next … gabo 3eyal tala3o 3enhom? Howa sab el shoghl? She gained weight and he kept complaining? Darabha we shadaha men sha3raha? She discovered that he smells most of the time 🙂
2- Ever after: ezay ya3ni maho even if they stayed together one day haymooto 🙂

Seriously, at points we all have lived fairytales. True they didn’t last, they took moments, months, … because endings are always beginnings and nothing is immortal even love.


يا تلاميذ غزة علمونا بعض ما عندكم
فنحن نسينا..
علمونا بأن نكون رجالا
فلدينا الرجال صاروا عجينا..
علمونا كيف الحجارة تغدو
بين أيدي الأطفال ماسا ثمينا..
كيف تغدو دراجة الطفل لغما
وشريط الحرير يغدو كمينا..
كيف مصاصة الحليب
إذا ما اعتقلوها تحولت سكينا.
يا تلاميذ غزة لا تبالوا
بإذاعاتنا ولا تسمعونا..
اضربوا اضربوا بكل قواكم
واحزموا أمركم ولا تسألونا..
نحن أهل الحساب والجمع والطرح
فخوضوا حروبكم واتركونا..
إننا الهاربون من خدمة الجيش
فهاتوا حبالكم واشنقونا..
نحن موتى لا يملكون ضريحا
ويتامى لا يملكون عيونا..
قد لزمنا جحورنا وطلبنا منكم
أن تقاتلوا التنينا..
قد صغرنا أمامكم ألف قرن
وكبرتم خلال شهر قرونا.
يا تلاميذ غزة لا تعودوا
لكتاباتنا ولا تقرؤونا..
نحن آباؤكم فلا تشبهونا..
نحن أصنامكم فلا تعبدونا..
نتعاطى القات السياسي
والقمع ونبني مقابرا وسجونا.
من عقدة الخوف فينا واطردوا
من رؤوسنا الأفيونا..
علمونا فن التشبث بالأرض
ولا تتركوا المسيح حزينا.
يا أحباءنا الصغار سلاما
جعل الله يومكم ياسمينا..
من شقوق الأرض الخراب
طلعتم وزرعتم جراحنا نسرينا..
هذه ثورة الدفاتر والحبر
فكونوا على الشفاه لحونا..
أمطرونا بطولة وشموخا
واغسلونا من قبحنا اغسلونا..


In the darkest hour, I told myself:

“Live it, embrace it, collect all the excruciating memories and let yourself fall, drawn, sink deeper and deeper, hit the bottom but don’t stay there. (As opposed to many people, I respect “sadness” as a feeling, it disciplines the soul, and makes people empathetic, sensitive beings not clowns)”.

I then remembered, another day is about to begin, the sun will shine one more time and I am still breathing and my heart is still beating. Isn’t it a miracle, it will continue beating till a certain time that I don’t know, it has been faithful and strong, when it was full and now when it’s empty… it is still beating !

People stray from love, don’t acknowledge their feelings till they die.
What are they thinking, others are longing for their compassion, for their affection.

Why is it a shame to need someone, someone in specific around which you feel it’s okay to be weak. It’s exhausting to be always in the stand by mode, carrying a gun or hiding behind a shield. It’s killing to be always in control.

Don’t think million times before saying a kind word, don’t think about the consequences… if the other person doesn’t want to hear it, you needed to say it.

“You are a marvel”

I have been thinking, had a lot of “whys”, random questions just about everything…. the most urging one was about Gaza and the heartbreaking reality they are living, wondering if the Airstrikes and missiles’ deafening sounds are louder or the world’s silence.

Thinking about the streets, the ugliness, the clutter we live in, the people, the lost passion and lack of visibility. What direction shall be taken if there is no destination.

Why do we take things for granted, and accept things as they are while we can’t accept each other as we are without prejudice. It’s much easier to curse and judge than to teach and help.

We can make a difference only if we believe we can.

“Each second we live is a new and unique moment of the universe, a moment that will never be again. And what do we teach our children? We teach them that two and two make four, and that Paris is the capital of France. When will we also teach them what they are? We should say to each of them: Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. In all the years that have passed, there has never been another child like you. Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers, the way you move. You may become a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven. You have the capacity for anything. Yes, you are a marvel. And when you grow up, can you then harm another who is, like you, a marvel? You must work, we must all work, to make the world worthy of its children.” Pablo Picasso

“Making our streets safer for everyone”
It’s not only The Egyptian center for woman’s rights’ slogan or promo (http://www.ecwronline.org/). It’s the everyone’s demand , every woman who just wants to use the street in peace without hearing silly comments or being assaulted in anyway. It’s the demand of the parents who want to make sure their girls are safe.
After the Feast’s horrific accident in Mohandessin and since it wasn’t the first, the fear was rising that those guys (animals) could do such thing without an intervention from the police or even the people in the street except for some noble attempts from few women. (ya3ni keda besara7a el setat tel3o 2agda3 men el regala who were standing still).
The “animals” said they are provoked by what girls wear… what can I say “animals”.

I was so happy when I heard the news ” An Egyptian man has been jailed for three years with hard labor for sexual harassment of a woman in the street”.
For the girl who reported the incident and took it to court “Noha Rushdi” … chapeau!
Still … rules, laws and security presence have to be developed and activated.
Otherwise don’t blame the girls for carrying self defense tools and weapons (stun guns, pepper spray or mace … ) to defend themselves as long as we are in a jungle, don’t blame girls for running over an offender with their cars, don’t blame them as it’s only fair to really hurt them and injure them … it’s called self defense.

Meanwhile, women have to be more cautious and prepared, they should learn their rights. They should learn to defend themselves and defend each other.

Again, there is a need for rules; instead of dragging the offender to the police station there should be security figures in the streets (police officers, police cars to roam the streets ). A hot line to report if someone is under attack. (everyone is carrying a cell phone now).

Another thing I have found, you can send your complains to the ministry of internal affairs through this link:
I haven’t personally tried it but it’s a positive way to raise a flag if a particular area (street) is facing any kind of threat.

Finally, making our streets safer for “women” will be a reality … better be by “Law”.

Circle of support

Life is based on the concept of exchange, what you pay in return for satisfying your needs, wants. “Pay” here doesn’t have to be of a monetary nature, it’s broader than just that it’s anything. In other words it’s what you “take” and what you “give”.


1- Do all people give in order to take?

2- What do you think about the two words “give” and “take” , which one is better ?

Don’t rush, in life there is no absolute value.

If “give” is better, what about … “give up”?

If “take” is worse, what about “take care”, “take my heart” !

Some people are givers, others are takers and in the middle those who are holding a scale to make sure the two sides are equal. The measures however are always relative and subjective based on assumptions, perceptions and personal values … “give one, take ten”.

I can assume that takers get frustrated when they don’t receive as much as they want.
Ironically, givers get more frustrated when they can’t give… why can’t they?

Many reasons like:
– If what they offer isn’t appreciated or needed, rendering love to a materialistic/ not interested person. (Ouch!)
– If they don’t know who is in need or what to give.
– When they try to help and get misunderstood for being intruders, playing saints or even worse “enohom hobl”.

I like the idea of the “Circle of support” ; meaning, if someone is in grief, he/ she won’t be able to listen to some happy people chanting and living in the Lala land, they would rather go to someone else who has been there (el 2ido fel maya mesh zay el 2ido fel nar).
In order to be understood, felt and above to be guided on how to get through this period. They want motivation and real life examples.

The same applies if someone wants to lose weight, if this person is supported by others who have the same target or at least they know how hard it is and what diets do to the moods and the emotional rollercoaster state. He/ she would feel better.

For you givers out there, try to formulate a circle of support for those who need you. And coach them how to support others. Backgrounds, cultures, values and beliefs may differ, but emotions are the same. I believe one day we will all be one big circle.

From “PS, I Love You”

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll still be among the stars.
Promise me you will find a job you love this time !”
PS, I love you…

FBI AGENT – Am not American. Do not want to live in America. Have no police experience.
LAWYER – Hated school, hated studying. Do not want to go to college for ten million years.
DOCTOR – Ugghh.
NURSE – Unflattering uniforms.
WAITRESS – Would eat all the food.
PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE SPOTTER – Nice idea, but no one would pay me.
BEAUTICIAN – Do not want to see areas of other people’s bodies.
SECRETARY – Never again
JOURNALIST – Cont spill properly enuff. Ha-ha, should be comedienne.
ACTRESS – Could not possibly outdo my wonderful performance in the critically acclaimed “girls and the city”.
MODEL – Too small, too fat, too old.
SINGER – Rethink idea of comedienne
HOTSHOT BUSINESSWOMAN IN CONTROL OF LIFE – Hmmm… Must do research tomorrow… 😀