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Two months ago, if you have asked me what was my coworker’s shirt color.
I would have said.., I don’t know, what was it… blue ? :S
This is just a simple example of how a bad observer I used to be.
Moreover, I would have said, I don’t care. It’s none of my business and I don’t judge people based on how they dress …

I haven’t changed my opinion by the way, but I have changed my outlook…
Have started reading about body language and reading people… (Haven’t bought books yet, just surfed the internet and read so many articles).

I heard at work an HR specialist once saying … I read people.
She mentioned something about a colleague and later on it has been proved right. May be it was one lucky guess? … may be. But still the fact that paying more attention to what people say and most importantly how they say it, can pretty much reveal what they mean and who they are.

We all have the gift, a sixth sense kind of thing that sometimes warns us upon meeting specific people that, they are not what they seem.
It can’t be described; it’s just a feeling that you are not comfortable.

The same gift makes us know when someone is lying.,, from the eyes, tone of voice, how nervous or cold that someone is, how consistent is the story being told.
And can also tell him/her that you are not buying it without saying a word.

However, some people are hard to read.. real bad people; of course because they are well trained, in full control of their body language .. they are not transparent.
Flirts/womanizers are somehow hard to read, it’s funny because you can easily tell they are interested but yet you can never tell if they are sincere. (good news … read them in an encounter with some other girl, watch the show and laugh out loud 😀 )

So it’s not always about the physical appearance, it’s what your postures, gestures and eyes are revealing. We just have to pay more attention if we really want to send and receive correct complete messages/ signals to one another.

About physical appearance and grooming, they do reveal things about the personality as well… it’s like a puzzle, so many pieces you put together to get somehow a closer picture (human beings are very complicated).

Have just remembered an advice a colleague once gave me about guys, since I didn’t use to pay attention. She went like “the three thing you MUST look at are: his watch, shoes and hands”. That was hilarious :D, it’s unbelievable how do people judge.



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Upon Juka‘s request, here is my own opinion about HP movie.

Went yesterday to the movies, sat back and got ready for the fantasy ride…

The action started way too soon upon the attack of the dementors in the muggle world (outside the school) unlike the previous parts which was pretty exciting for me.

The traditional stuff were there … the talking letters delivered by the owls, the brooms, the moving pictures published in the papers, with some innovation when a house has transpired out of nowhere upon their arrival , or the phone booth that was the entrance to the order of the phoenix’s headquarter… (hmmm… not bad).

The music and locations were inline with the HP’s theme previously presented in the earlier movies. However the mood was different.

I won’t go through the details of the movie, but they were too many to the level of intensity. It was kind of distracting in some parts. For me the plot was over shaded by the fast paced things and scenes going on.

Also the performance of Daniel Radcliffe …. wasn’t the best as I got the feeling that he was too nervous but that has then been explained later on in the movie so apparently he was deliberately angry and nervous.

The freaky creatures were there too, I didn’t like them personally.
Some characters have been introduced one of them was Luna Lovegood, that has been talking about “The Quibbler” and we never knew who they were.

The new teacher “Dolores Umbridge” … later was known with her decrees and she succeeded in taking over the school … was interesting and I loved her performance.
Alan Rickman playing Snape has been good as always.

There were a couple of funny parts but the visions that HP was seeing throughout the movie were making things darker than the usual.

Another interesting part was inside the department of mysteries leading to very interesting questions about the connection between HP and Voldemort and his scar.

Unfortunately, a great disappointment has trailed Sirius’s scene with Bellatrix Lestrange (won’t say what happened in case you don’t know).

The final confrontation between HP and Voldemort wasn’t really satisfactory … (the rapid snapshots when Voldemort was attempting to penetrate HP’s memory and how HP has managed to resist ).

All in all, the movie is entertaining, there were some inconsistency and some questions were left unanswered but I was glad I saw it

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Important announcement: Harry Potter is finally out …. Yay 😀

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy these kinds of movies (Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the rings, …), well I do.
I know they aren’t real and some people (by people I mean all my friends and my dear sister) see them as childish but I like the technicalities, the picture, visual and sound effects, … there are many elements in the movie that I do enjoy beside the plot.

For instance the thing I liked about “Ocean’s 13” other than Mr. Clooney “smile” was the movement of the camera inside the casino, it was kinda cool.
The music in “Sense and sensibility” and “Age of innocence”, well “Age of innocence” is a wonderful movie not just great soundtrack.
Perfect Storm was a touching story, wonderful seascape scenes, beautiful performance …(again Mr. Clooney 🙂 )

What else … “Memoirs of a geisha”, “Lake House” , “The truth about cats and dogs” , “The pursuit of happiness” , “ Great Expectations” , “ My best friend’s wedding” , “ You have got mail” , “Message in a bottle” , “Pearl Harbor”. “Glory”, A walk to remember” , “catch me if you can” , “Malcolm X” , “Beautiful mind” , “Beauty and the beast” , “Groundhog day” , “Forrest Gump”, “The English patient”, “Green Mile”….

My watch list for the upcoming vacation includes: Harry Potter, Lonely hearts, and The Bourne Ultimatum.

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My question is: what if this absence is deliberate?

Will one be willing to go through the whole process of … denial, missing, giving excuses, forgiving, swallowing the pride and stretching one’s arm hoping to reach the other’s hand.

Don’t think so, not sure if it’s worth it, not sure if it will be appreciated, not sure if it’s my call, … not me, not now !

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Cheerful mood

There are two Arabic words I truly love” الطمأنينة “and “ السكينة”, they were mentioned in Quran and I think their closest equivalents in English are “Serenity” and “Security”
“ الطمأنينة” in specific was mentioned as a verb “يطمئن” or to “feel secure” and was often associated with “قلب ، قلوب” “heart, hearts”
I don’t recall reading “ سعادة “ happiness, have to check again.

I personally feel happy when I feel safe, when I feel satisfied and warm from inside.
I have that feeling today, may be because my annual leave commences next week, so I am putting work troubles behind and getting ready to enjoy the more fun side of life.

I just feel like a child, I want everybody to be happy, I want to go to the movies cross my legs on the chair, eat pop corn and drink coffee and laugh out loud.
I want to have a speedy ride and listen to loud music.
I want to ride a bike …..na, not gonna happen, I have failed to bike since I was young .
I want to wash my car myself without being chased from “el bawab” saying “ la2 maysa7esh keda ya 2ostaza” as if I am committing a sin. The guy doesn’t understand I have different measures as far as cleaning is concerned.
I want to go shopping.
Want to spend sometime with my friends in an open air café, talk and laugh hysterically.
I want to jog in the morning but again I am not a morning person, there is no way I can get up early in my vacation.

Oh … I am getting carried away, still the list is too big.
I hope that feeling I have to stay in my heart and never leave, want to have a stronger faith and a stronger will.

Confession: there is another reason for my happiness, I am eating chocolate right now 😀

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Let me start with this first… “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.
Life is rich and focusing on just one aspect and make the world revolve around it is seriously risky. Achieving minimal risk isn’t by any mean sticking to the one thing you know best, holding on to it and refuse any change.
It’s about diversifying your portfolio and opening up to new things that might be as much as rewarding.

There was a time when my life was all about work, was just a good employee that goes to the office everyday, work my heart out then just return home to sleep and start a new day; not exactly “new” but something like a “ground hog day” … a day that has been lived before and will continue to clown itself over and over whenever I wake up.

Eventually I began to write, practiced photography as an amateur just for fun, recently I started to study again. I also go out now more than I used to.
I can say I am now more flexible and more open to ideas, arts, places and people.
The good thing about that is whenever I feel down I find another comforting spot I can go to. I can distract myself in other things, I am less cautious and vulnerable.
I learned to brainstorm and try to find what can make me feel better, what I like and what I can call it favorite.

I am loyal by nature and I can get indulged easily in what interests me but that’s again risky to be completely surrender to things unless it’s temporary, for a specific purpose, … to relax, to recharge the energy, or even to have fun and with an intension to keep things balanced.
Maintaining a balance for me is … to know there are religious duties, family, friends, hobbies, work, favorite things and activities, …etc.

So it’s no big deal to let go for sometime and surrender to a good piece of music, an interesting object for photo shoot, a good game, a mentally stimulating debate, an enjoyable movie, a challenging task, an open air outing, just a little chit chat over a cup of coffee, a nice walk, a brief time to relax and gaze at sunset, the chill of diving into the pool at night and feel the stress, clutter and negative energy coming out, see ‘em floating and evaporating in the air….

It’s good to be enjoy things till you feel it through you all, feel the saturation and the overflow then voluntarily sink in it, dissolve and become just a part. Then rise again, return to your solid state with new particles as a renewed enriched being.

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