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1- “Home” is not a house, … not a country, … not a person, it’s security and serenity.

2- Men tend to avoid women when they are angry, although this anger flies away once she feels there is someone to support or just be there.

3- People searching for love are searching for a missing part of them knowing there is someone out there who has it. Wish that someday the two of them will be a complete whole ONE.

4- People who define themselves with what they own or what they do, are truly what they own or what they do except that they no longer are “PEOPLE”.

5- Waiting, … needs strength, some people mess up during that phase , do the wrong things to make themselves busy, others are patient enough to hold on and some people lose resistance and die.

6- I prayed to god and I am sure I will be answered. I have never wanted something that badly and I wasn’t answered.

7- I want to get closer, watch and listen to everything … I am not curious, I just want to understand.

8- How difficult to keep holding the truth from someone as it will hurt and bear the guiltiness of contributing in an illusion that dear person is living.

9- We do have the tolerance for pain and sometimes enjoyment as well, it makes us human… life is a harmonized set of contradictions and so are we… so the soft sad warm violin note, fuzzy chilly winds as the sunsets, dark quiet nights, a sweet tender look from the least perosn expected, …. There are no patterns in life.

10- Being silent for a long while, makes you have a lot to say… but makes you forget how to say it.

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“Nothing remains the same” it doesn’t make it any easier accepting the fact of having something and the next day it’s gone.

Whether it’s a person or something that meant so much to you one day, a street you used to walk in your way home, certain feelings, gatherings, or years loaded with pieces of the young you that you no longer are.

Why bother going to the same places now, faking the same situations and talks … everything has changed, …. you have changed.

Why looking for the people you miss in others’ eyes, they are different … even if you think you saw the one you miss… he is just inside your heart and eyes and it’s only a reflection…longing feeling are so sweetly possessing, you know you are captured and yet you can’t set yourself free because the heavenly prison is painted with memories.

Can’t we endure the idea of being apart both physically and emotionally? There must be a reason that by time we leave dear ones and meaningful things behind or they leave us.

May be we don’t have to insist of having another encounter with the past and just move on.

There is no coincidence, it’s a perfect arrangement of place, people, timing ….
So when one of these factors change the result won’t be the one you supposed you have lived before.

The difference between missing and losing is hope.

So what was left behind and the shattered pieced you have been looking for may be better missed that lost.

I believe in fate and I know things happen for a reason, and the hollow parts resulting from the shattered peices are better be filled with the appreciation for the ones and things we still have.

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It’s the last working day of the week and oh god I am sooooooooooo drained, effortless, wordless, motionless, thoughtless… ( I know it doesn’t make sense but I am everything that is ….less).

Crazy thought (took that from my very dear friend Engy)
I want to get married, quit working and become a house wife, so a single decent, religious, funny, responsible, height 175 and up, green, hazel, blue or grey eyes guy who is searching for a perfect bride (I can’t be perfect , I am Gemini and it’s a problem of its own) 😀 … but I am here.

Note: Quoting Engy is really fun. I can’t stop laughing while looking at her original post and customize it to my requirements. Just like spending time and hanging out with her and Soha… I am missing you girls.

For the record: Top comedians: Soha and Engy together, Nemeen (my sister) watching comedy shows on TV, my Dad when he starts laughing and my mom when things go wrong …. My list doesn’t end like that there are more but enough for now, I have to get back to work 😀

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My blog’s name has been changed to sailing and it’s funny I have a guilt feeling as if I have abandoned the blue ocean that once was inhabited by my messages.

Strange it just takes one attempt to get your voice to be heard and then it just becomes a habit not to ever stop talking.

life is all about change, and sometimes holding on to the past is like sitting on a shore , grabbing some sand mixed with water in your hand and then feel it slipping out of your hand, you look at your fist, believing that you still have captured some of it , ..you open your hand and find it just empty.

I used to start my post (messages) with “Dear … ” , and end them with “your sincerely” just the conventional way I love till the end of last year then I felt I ran out of these messages and didn’t feel the urge to write “yours” again … kind of lost its meaning to me.

So Sailing for me is going through life with all its aspects, sun rise, rainbows, rough water, … it doesn’t matter how the journey is, what matters is the good sailor that you have been.

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Again… it’s not that I am a Muslim or an Arab, It’s about humanity.

(World Horrified by Beit Hanun Massacre )

(Israel hits fighter’s house in Gaza)

I can’t even comment on that, I do also know that no one wants to hear and endure the fact that … . We are doomed to live furious, heart ached and MUTE or else we are SHUSHED.

Aren’t we ??? But on what cost …

Palestinian healthcare under siege

I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight. ” Malcom X

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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

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I am sorry … you are that sick
I am sorry … I never told you how much I love you
I am sorry … I never thanked you enough for your attention and care
I am sorry … I got busy with work and I spent days without even calling you
I am sorry … you were very near to me when I was young and when I got older I got farther
I am sorry … we all know you are in danger and you don’t
I am sorry … I knew how scared you are and I never said a word, now I am really scared

Please God make her get better and give me a second chance.

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