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Happy Birthday Tarek

What a coincidence two dear friends’ birthdays in one month.

Happy Birthday Tarek and here is your gift … a special calendar for you where the 29th of Feb does exist this year.

Wala yehemak, celebrate tomorrow and whoever says it’s the first of March show him the calendar.


Also a due thanks for the EG-Bloggers group ya moderator 🙂

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Happy Birthday Ahmad

To my dear friend Ahmad, Happy Birthday…, my best wishes and regards.

My real gift is a prayer to keep Lebanon safe.

And my virtual one is below (remember this ), I adopted it for you 😀

Update: Wolverine has moved to Ahmad’s page.

Hope all your dreams come true.

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Happy Birthday Rain

Since my dear friend and the sweet blogger Rain didn’t write about her birthday… I decided to celebrate it here till she is back to blogging, hopefully today 🙂


Wishing you all the joy and happiness that you deserve.

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Messages, emails, phone calls and a celebration at work… that what has been going on since this morning.
What a wonderful day. thanks to all who made it that special and beautiful.
Would like to say “Happy Birthday” my dear twin sister 🙂
Rain, Moon, Wonderer, Engy and Ahmad … I can never thank you enough.

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